7 Days to Die Comes to PS4 Soon

The survival crafting game moves to broaden its audience

Disappointed that you can't play more games that feature both survival and crafting on your favorite console? Well, you're in luck! In collaboration with Telltale Publishing and Iron Galaxy, 7 Days to Die dev The Fun Pimps is ready to bring the game to another system.

7 Days to Die is being introduced to the PlayStation 4 as of June 28 -- with new features distinct to the system -- and will be available for download from the PlayStation Store. It is also available for pre-order with skins from The Walking Dead, such as popular characters Michonne and Lee Everett.

The game can be played online, split-screen, or single player. Depending on which mode you choose, you must either work alone or together to survive, building the best defense you can against the undead, or hunting them if you are so inclined.

For this immersive survival & crafting experience, pre-order early. Or, if you haven't already, check it out on the PC.


Published May. 29th 2016

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