11 Best Tabletop Simulator Backgrounds From Your Favorite Games

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In most ways, getting a group together for a night of board gaming is similar to getting a group together for a night of Overwatch or PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. One major difference, however, is that everyone needs to physically be in the same room.

Unless you're playing with people who live within walking distance (or you live in the same house), getting everyone to meet up at the same location is a significant barrier to entry that most online multiplayer games don't have. Luckily, that's where Tabletop Simulator comes in.

However, for those of you who've played Tabletop Simulator, you may have noticed that the default backgrounds are a bit lacking. Most people don't want to play board games in a random, poorly-lit tunnel in Germany.

Sure, the board games may be simulated, but I think most board gamers can attest to the importance of setting and atmosphere during their gaming sessions. So even if the room is simulated, you may as well simulate a really awesome-looking room. And with these backgrounds for Tabletop Simulator, you can simulate the environments of some of your favorite video games while you enjoy an online board game night. 

Published Aug. 20th 2017

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