The New Vibe In Miami - Hotline Miami 2 News

This game has me more excited than Doctor Who Tumblr fangirls. Here's a quick article on what's to come in Hotline Miami 2.

New Gameplay

We all know Hotline Miami to be as fast ninjas on speed, but the moments of pure rage it can deliver to some (maybe just me). Now this game is delivering a special surprise- but what could it be? I’ll tell ya’; Hard Mode. This is how we separate the men from the boys, not by testing them on how good they are, but if they’re brave enough to go bolder. The only catch is that you have to unlock this difficulty mode by getting a C+ or higher on the level you beat. Now why does “hard mode” even sound like it’s that difficult? Not only are the enemies incredibly more challenging by increased reaction and speed, but some of your abilities may be taken away, such as your “enemy-locking” ability.

Do A Barrel Roll!

Now there are some new kids on the block, and by kids I mean relentless murderers that we must play as. Yay! Corey (Zebra Mask) has the special ability to roll. Mark (Bear Mask) can have dual weild any weapon and even spread his arms left and right at the same time simultaneously to take down more baddies. Finally, Alex and Ash (Swan Masks), have chainsaws or guns to begin with. 


Hotline Miami 2 also brings along a brand-new kick-ass soundtrack, featuring artists from its predecessor and new artists alike. The "Unofficial" soundtrack has been posted onto the internet after a few individuals browsed through the demo's song files. Here are just a few of the artists debuting in Hotline Miami 2:

  • M.O.O.N
  • Perturbator
  • Scattle
  • Magic Sword
  • Mitch Murder
  • Jasper Byrne
  • Frekt

Hotline Miami is expected to release early 2015, so keep your eyes peeled for this mastermind of a sequel within the next few months.



Published Nov. 6th 2014
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