Dead Cells on PC and Console Gets Bad Seed DLC Soon

Dead Cells asks: What do you do with a Bad Seed?

Twin Motion's slick roguelite Dead Cells just keeps getting better. Today the studio announced they will be releasing a new DLC titled Bad Seed on February 11, adding new challenges for players to tackle and getting console players up to date.

Bad Seed will bring two new areas to the Dead Cells. One named The Swamp, which will be an alternate route to The Courtyard and Toxic Sewers; the other titled The Arboretum, which will be alternate to The Ossuary, Ramparts, and Ancient Sewers.

The DLC will also bring a new boss for players to best, though we have no information on this fight other than  of course  it will be crazy difficult. There will be new weapons, artefacts, and enemies.

Console players will receive a patch at the same time as the Bad Seed release to update their Dead Cells copy to patch 1.6.

Dead Cells still stands as one of the most highly praised action roguelites on the market, and Bad Seed is sure to further cement the title as the premiere option for the genre.

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Published Jan. 29th 2020

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