Bioshock Infite: A Beautifully Executed Quantum Fantasy Game

Quantum theory in a game with a great story to blend it all together. Simply Brilliant.

Having just finished a marathon to finish Bioshock Infinite last night, I find myself compelled by its story and concept. I haven't had a game make me think and try to understand its meanings like this... ever. So, as a sucker for plot and great story development in games, I've got to hand it to the developers. The more I think about it, the more brilliant it becomes. I do also love the art and design style of the in game experience, but the part that makes me love this game is the story.

I want to be clear with all of you - Play this game slowly. Explore. Doing a speed run will leave you confused and disappointed because the game itself isn't actually incredibly long.

By now anyone who has read up on any of the story in Bioshock Infinite should know that there are some very drastic game element changes as compared to the previous chapters. If you don't, and don't want to be tainted with knowledge before playing the game yourself, STOP READING.

Editor's Note: Spoilers Ahead!



Still here?

Good. So, the idea of the "multiverse" is a very big deal in this game. The multiverse is a concept right out of quantum theory, where every choice or possibility comes to fruition and exists in one dimension or another. This means that in some universe (sadly not this one), I was the lead writer for this game, and could take credit for it.

The way that the plot develops and ends plays with this notion just beautifully. It introduces heavy cognitive dissonance from dimensional travel as well. See, as an experienced gamer, I know certain plot devices when I see them. There are a few clutch decisions throughout the game that I was positive were a setup for the ending, especially when you realize that Elizabeth can open up tears into other dimensions. I was shocked at how the game only has a single ending. At first, I was sad - disappointed, even. Then as I thought about it, I realized that this was intentionally done in order to be its own plot twist (Bioshock, you scoundrel you - you get me every time!). They made a game where they acknowledge the reality of infinite possibilities, and then funnel you to a reality where there is but one choice.Simply brilliant.

Bioshock Infinite has done what few games are able to do in my book - be vividly memorable after I'm done. They don't do this with eye candy, or cool guns and abilities (even though they have both) - they do it with a fantastic story concept and plot.

Take your time with this game. If you enjoy a good story, you won't be disappointed.

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Quantum theory in a game with a great story to blend it all together. Simply Brilliant.


Published Mar. 29th 2013

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