Stash Booster Packages Available This Week

Booster packages available for community MMORPG, as well as more info on interaction with fans

Stash Booster Packages can be previewed now, and the team is open to advice and critique to improve the player experience! The booster packages will be available later this week at Frogdice's site, and more information about the game's launch dates and the Beta will be available on the Frogdice forums.

In addition, the 16th Froggacon convention will be held next month in Lexington, KY, from July 29th to 31st. If you're already a fan of Stash, or just happen to be in the area, it's a great opportunity to meet with other Frogdice gamers.

For anyone who might be new to Stash, it is an MMORPG based on Dungeons and Dragons tabletop gaming, Warhammer miniature gaming, Baldur's Gate, Wizardry, and a variety of other turn-based RPG games. The team behind Stash is Frogdice, a group with twenty years of experience in game development.

High points of Stash gameplay include turn-based combat, community, dungeon exploration, a world the players can impact, housing, and loot.



Published Jun. 16th 2016

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