Wreckfest Trailer Highlights 4K 60FPS Visuals, Other Next-Gen PS5 Upgrades

The new Wreckfest trailer outlines what fans can expect from the racing game's PS5 upgrade when it releases in May via PS Plus.

Racing game slash demolition-derby-simulator Wreckfest is coming to the PS5 very soon. It will be part of May's PlayStation Plus complimentary game lineup and will release for anyone who doesn't subscribe to the premium service on June 1. Ahead of it getting the green flag, publisher THQ Nordic has released a new Wreckfest trailer showing off the game's PlayStation 5 enhancements. 

As with just about every other next-gen upgrade, presumably including the one for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order this summer, the Wreckfest next-generation upgrade will take full advantage of the PlayStation 5's capabilities.

It will run in 4K 60fps and load lightning fast. It will feature enhanced lighting and improved visual effects. And it will feature haptic feedback via the DualSense controller.

Watching the trailer on a 4K monitor shows the work THQ and developer Bugbear have put into the more than seven-year-old racing game. The footage looks grand and while not entirely next-gen when compared to something like Dirt 5, it's pretty darn close. 

Wreckfest released in Steam Early Access for PC in 2014, then fully in 2018, followed by releases for PS4 and Xbox One in 2019. It is currently available on those platforms for $29.99. According to THQ, it will cost $39.99 on PS5. Stay tuned for our review in the coming weeks. 

[Source: THQ, VG24/7]

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Published Apr. 29th 2021

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