PlayStation 4 has Voice Recognition

The PlayStation 4 camera will include voice recognition as well as facial. What do you think? Will it measure up to the Kinect? We're sure to get more details as the release November 29th draws closer!

Today, Sony has confirmed that the PS4 will indeed include voice recognition. But of course, it all has to do with the PlayStation camera that has to be attached. Sort of reminds me of the Kinect for the Xbox.

Some features with the Camera

The camera is very much like that of the Kinect, because it's also said to track your body movements, as well as facial recognition. This should definitely improve the system navigation, and make it faster to use.

It was discussed a bit at the GameStop 2013 Expo by Sean Coleman. Not only does this video show off the great camera abilities with motion and face recognition, it also shows some cool specs about the PlayStation 4. Keep in mind, the camera will be sold separately from the system and also attaches onto the PS4.

Hopefully we can find out more information as we get closer to the PlayStation 4's release on November 15th (29th for EU). Know that the PlayStation 4 itself costs $399 and the camera will be another $59. A heavy price to pay for amazing technology, but I think it'll be worth it!

What do you guys think? Will the PlayStation 4 camera measure up to the Xbox's Kinect? I haven't had much usage with the Kinect but from my own experience, it was a bit difficult to manuever and I would love to know your opinion!

Published Aug. 31st 2013
  • CaptainBaams
    This sounds cool! I know my mother will want to try out the voice recognition!

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