Madden 16's Robert Griffin III injuries 'too real'

How do you avoid RG3 injuries in Madden 16? The injury algorithm may be working against players.

Madden NFL 16 was just released on Tuesday and already players are noticing Redskins quarterback is a bit of a glass cannon - emphasis on the glass part.

Griffin has had a pretty treacherous injury record in his real-life NFL career, so EA Tiburon is doing a fairly good job of staying true to life. However, some players are saying that the injuries are a little bit too real.

Madden updates their player statistics based on data collected from the past seasons. For instance, if a player has been making 60% pass completions, then their ability to pass accurately in-game is going to be about that high. 

However, injuries are not completely dependent on numbers. Especially in the more recent games, hit detection has become a big feature. Back in 2011, Madden 12 introduced concussions into the series. Former Madden Executive Producer Phil Frazier elaborated on how these serious injuries could happen in-game.

"It's based on the area of the collision. So you have to actually hit a guy in the head as part of a tackle for it to even be considered for a concussion, but causing a concussion in the game is rare."

Unfortunately, EA tends to be tight-lipped about injuries. It’s a sore subject in the sports world, and the company has been eager to distance itself from the "Madden Curse" that ties their franchise to real-life injuries. Still, I’m sure a lot of gamers would want to look under the hood to see exactly how Madden makes its injury algorithm so “real.”

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Published Aug. 30th 2015

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