Get ready to play ball, MLB The Show 16 hits stores tomorrow

Welcome back to The Show, dust off the glove and get out in the field.

Heavy is the head that wears the crown, and the king of sports video gaming will wear the crown once again tomorrow. MLB The Show 16, the latest installment in The Show franchise, will be out for PS4 and PS3 tomorrow, March 29.

There are plenty of updates and changes to this installment in the MLB series. The yearly improvements have been noted to change the gameplay, with one huge new addition being the Showtime feature. With the Showtime feature on, you will be able to slow down a certain situation in which you are taking part. So when fielding a ground ball, time will slow down so you can appropriately react to the play at hand.

And yes, this also means that the Showtime feature will slow down time for one pitch of your choosing during an at-bat. The Showtime feature is, however, limited to one pitch per game. There goes the hope of a home run per at-bat, sorry to the cheesing community.

Along with player updates and the Showtime feature, there are a multitude of new additions that make this installment of The Show worth your while. Be sure to pick up a copy tomorrow when the game comes to PlayStation consoles.

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Published Mar. 28th 2016

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