Puzzle game The Witness gets converted into NES ROM

The Witness just got demaked by dustmop with a NES game called The Wit.nes, including puzzles and an overhead world.

Jonathan Blow's hit puzzle exploration game The Witness, which had gamers perplexed and intrigued earlier this year, was just given an 8-bit makeover (or a demake) by a developer named Dustmop.

It's an NES ROM appropriately titled The Wit.nes, which is described as a reinterpretation of the original. Being what it is, you'll need an NES emulator to play it. The good thing with that is you should be able to play this in anything that can run an emulator, including smartphones.

It can also be played on an actual NES when loaded with the appropriate peripheral -- like a Powerpak or an Everdrive -- if you're so inclined.

The Wit.nes is still currently under development. The full game is set to have 32 puzzles played through an overhead perspective, as well as a map that's 16 screens wide.

The demo featuring the starting area is available right now, which you can download and play through an emulator.


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Source ign.com
Published Jun. 6th 2016

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