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Focus Home Interactive's dystopian RPG The Technomancer comes out tomorrow for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. And if you've ever wondered what it would be like to survive in a world where water is the most valued resource to the point where wars are being fought over it, then you're in luck.

The Technomancer takes place on Mars after its initial colonizations. Players take the role of an initiate Technomancer who is working for one of the corporations that serve as societal centers on The Technomancer's version of the red planet. A Technomancer is a lightning wielding, mechanical-esque mage-warrior.

Throughout the player's journey from initiate Technomancer to master, they will gain skill points as they complete quests and objectives. These skill points can be allocated into three trees that each represent their own distinct fighting style. 

If the player wants to play a more defensive game, they can put resources into the shield and mace fighting tree. If they want to use the traditional Technomancer staff weapon they can go that route. And if they want to play a bit more stealthy they can choose to go down the dagger and gun path.  

Companions play a big role in the game, and each NPC follower you acquire will have their own moral codes. If you commit too many heinous acts in front of certain companions they will leave you for good, possibly taking useful in and out of combat abilities with them.

The Technomancer's environment has a large amount of aesthetic appeal. Scrap cities contrast the red wasteland that surrounds them, and huge, genetically mutated animals which were brought by the initial wave of settlers have been forced to adapt to Mars' harsh climate by developing some sinister defense mechanisms.

The color red as a theme goes beyond just the backdrop of the game, as there seem to be references to Soviet Russia in the areas that humans live. In the trailer, one can spot a secret police force, a political figurehead on a propaganda poster, and imagery of gears and hammers which hint at 20th century Russian influences.

The Technomancer has an interesting world combined with what seems to be a good amount of depth in the story department. If you want to learn more you can check out its Spiders' official website for the game.   

New trailer for The Technomancer at Gamescom 2015 Sat, 08 Aug 2015 04:04:54 -0400 Charly Mottet

The 2015 edition of the European games convention Gamescom is in full swing, and gaming news is flowing in from all over. For all the RPG fans out there, the Spiders studio is bringing a new game to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, with a little post-apocalyptic, science-fiction twist... 

The Technomancer comes to life in this dramatic trailer released for Gamescom 2015. For those of you just now hearing about this game, this RPG stars hero Zachariah who explores Mars - the planet, not the chocolate candy. The game takes place after the human colonization on the Red Planet, and everything is now in ruins, with many artifacts, relics, and hordes of mutants - er, "physically scarred by cataclysms of the past" humans - to come across.

Cops on Mars

In the trailer, Zachariah is trying and failing to communicate with Mother Earth. A secret police force is hunting and chasing the Technomancer all over Mars, accompanied by music from renowned composer Olivier Derivière - who also worked on Remember Me, Assassin's Creed IV - Freedom Cry, and several others. 

Each quest Zachariah carries out has a different outcome, depending on how the gamer decides to play it. As usual for RPGs, interacting with companions is important, and it is possible to build friendships with them. The game offers 3 different combat styles and countless ways to develop the Technomancer's melee combat and lightning abilities. 

The Technomancer is planned to be released in 2016.