Alien Rage: Another Dark Sci-fi Shooter

Fight for mankind's most valuable resource, promethium, against an alien force that wants this resource just as badly as you do, in City Interactive's latest game Alien Rage.

City Interactive, the studio behind Sniper Ghost Warrior 1 & 2, is working on a new game called Alien Rage; A sci-fi themed first-person shooter that pits the player against an alien force on an asteroid rich in a fuel known as promethium.

The game will have 14 levels, and is built with Nvidia graphics on the Unreal engine. You'll have ten weapons to choose from, all of which have two firing modes. The aliens you'll be fighting will come in different shapes, sizes, and ugliness.

Watching the E3 game play video, it does look like an interesting game that is packed with plenty of action. Like Gears of War, every room you enter has an enemy in it. The lighting follows the traditional sci-fi shooter style and is a bit dark. It however looks like it may be yet another spray-and-pray style shooter.

The game does show promise. It is set to release on most gaming devices, including the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Steam. Unfortunately there is no sign of a Mac compatible version of the game, but that doesn't mean we won't see one when the game is released or some time after its release. There is no word on whether Alien Rage will be released on the upcoming next-gen consoles.

I have contacted CI for a possible release date and if the game would be released on the next-gen systems, and will keep you updated when I hear more.

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Published Jul. 9th 2013

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