Dragon Quest Builders 2 Puzzles Guide: Solutions and Locations

Get more Mini Medals in Dragon Quest Builders 2 by finding and solving puzzles!

Puzzles are quick and easy ways to get Mini Medals in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Luckily, figuring out how to solve them is mostly simple. 

There are at least three secondary islands in the game, and each of them has a handful of puzzles. We've laid out their solutions below, as well as shown you where to find them.

We're still working to get to the fourth island and will update this with more puzzles if necessary. 


Mini Medal Puzzle 1

The map location of one of the first puzzles in Dragon Quest builders 2

The first puzzle you'll most likely come across is south of Furrowfield Farm. It's along the big grey mountainside. 

To solve it, simply make the block tower on the right the same height as the block tower on the left. Use the two blocks right by the puzzle. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 2

The second puzzle you'll likely come across is when you meet the first talking rat, on your way to find Britney. 

This one is super easy. Just remove the block holding the water back to solve it. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 3

From the last puzzle, go northwest. Go up the mountain and drop down at the marked spot on the map above. 

Simply fill the pool with water from your bottomless pot to solve it. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 4

The easiest thing to do now is fast travel to Fat Rate rise. From the NaviGlobe, go west. Pass the huge troll and go into the cave near him. 

To solve the puzzle, redirect the water to the left using the configuration shown. Simply carve a one-block tall and one-block wide channel from the source to the pool. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 5

From the Fat Rat Rise NaviGlobe, go straight south. Quickly, there will be a cliff and a body of water in front of you. On the other side, you will see the puzzle inside a cave. 

Go along the cliffside and jump down. If you swim, you might get eaten by a monster. 

Simply place the earth block in the open spot to solve. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 6

From the Banks of the Bog NaviGlobe, go southwest. Look for the grey cliffs on the map and in the game. 

Simply move the block holding back the water. Place it on the ground in front of the new opening. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 7

From the last puzzle, go south to the sea. There are two sand blocks on the left side of the puzzle. 

Make the Gooey image in the left pool look like the one in the right pool by placing the two sand blocks at the top of the Gooey smile. 

Stand over the spots and look down. Then smash the ground with your hammer. Place the sand blocks inside the holes. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 8

From the Ruined Church, go into the forest across the bridge. Against the grey cliffs, you'll find another puzzle. 

To solve this one, simply plant two nightdrop flowers in the two empty grass pots in the middle. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 9

Fast travel to Orcs Tomato Farm. Go due south and climb the grey cliffs on the right side. 

To solve it, simply use the blocks provided to finish the block structure. 


Mini Medal Puzzle 1

This is probably the first puzzle you'll come across on this island. You'll find it near the sea northeast of the village.

To solve it, place the colored blocks in the same positions as shown above. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 2

Go east from the last puzzle. Cross the mountains and go to the looming tower. To the right of the tower, there will be some minecart tracks going up a small cliff. 

Repair the minecart tracks to complete the puzzle.

It's worth noting that the minecart tracks do not need to connect to the tower. You only need to repair the tracks that are already laid on the cliff opposite the tower. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 3

From the last puzzle, you can go due south. However, traveling back to the docks and then traveling southeast across the mountains is faster. 

This puzzle is a little trickier than the others. Place two blocks in the places circled in red above. Then activate the red boxes in the following order:

  • Red Box 1
  • Red Box 2
  • Red Box 1
  • Red Box 3
  • Red Box 1
  • Red Box 4

Mini Medal Puzzle 4

From there, go southwest to the ocean cove. You will find two towers standing in the water. Simply put a white flower in the center of the garden near the puzzle statue. 

You can pick up white flowers using your Gloves. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 5

Travel due north from the last puzzle to find the next puzzle near the water across from the docks. To solve this one, you need to make the cactus on the far right the tallest cactus. 

Simply use your gloves to grab the top two portions of one of the nearby cacti and place them on top of the cactus on the far right. You will need a cactus top and the portion just below it. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 6

Travel northwest and climb the mountain near the sea. You will find the puzzle at the top. 

To solve this one, all you need to do is put a block behind each blue square on the ground. Then use the red switches to pull the blocks onto the blue squares.  

Mini Medal Puzzle 7

Travel due north to the far northern coast. You will find a structure with braziers, statues, and what looks like a graveyard. 

To solve this puzzle, simply place the block of earth on the stairs in front of the cactus gravestone in the right, far back corner. You'll see the open spot between two sets of stairs. 


Mini Medal Puzzle 1

Go south of the castle. Climb the mountain into the forest and find a small valley right before the ocean.

To solve this puzzle, put the candles in front of each statue that's facing you.

Mini Medal Puzzle 2

Now go due north of the castle, toward the sea. Go up the cliffs that have the purple magic crystals and pesky crows. 

To solve this puzzle, simple move the flowers and rocks from the castle blocks into the garden to fill each of the empty spaces. Flowers go in the snow and rocks go in the brown earth blocks. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 3

The easiest way to get here is to fast travel to Moonahan and travel north. The puzzle will be nestled in a cliff on the left side of the ridge along the ocean. 

Remove all of the blocks from the pool and fill it with fresh water from your bottomless pot. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 4

Next, go northeast. There is a super strong monster (dragon) guarding a cave in the mountain. You don't have to fight it, but you do have to go into the cave. 

Use the red jump pads (springs) to take you all the way to the top. Grab the brazier at the top, and then descend the stairs to find the puzzle. Place the brazier to the left of the other brazier to solve it. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 5

Travel to the Collapsed Cabin, then go north and just a little west. Go to the top of the mountain to find a temple. 

Go to the roof and match the pattern on the left side of the roof with the pattern on the right side of the roof. Wait for the snow to accumulate on the floor below. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 6

Next, follow the same mountains south. Stay on top of the mountains since the next cave is also on top of the same mountains. 

This one is very boring because it takes a while to complete, and it is best done at night when there is more snow falling. 

Remove the ice on the roof and let the snow create the image of the Goo on the cave floor below. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 7

Go south and a tad east from the Shrine of Rendarak. Look for a house-like structure on top of the mountain there. 

To solve this one, the room on the right must be the mirror image of the room on the left. In other words, you need to move the furniture around to it is the opposite of the room on the left. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 8

Now head due west. Stay on the mountaintop. When you come to a hole in the mountaintop, drop down to find the puzzle. 

To solve this one, make the Slime face on the left look like the Slime face on the right.  It's easiest to fill the left face with the snow blocks nearby, and then remove them to make it look like the face on the right. 

Mini Medal Puzzle 9

Now go southwest across the mountain. You can also bust through it with the hammer, whichever works best for you. 

Simply place the flowers in the empty spots on the right side of the garden. The pattern is shown in the screenshot above. 

From left to right, it should be: 

  • Orange flower
  • Purple flower
  • White flower
  • Bush
  • Orange
  • Purple
  • White
  • Orange 
  • Purple


That's all you need to know about solving puzzles in Dragon Quest Builders 2. Now you got a ton more mini Medals to give the Hairy Hermit on the Isle of Awakening. Keep an eye on GameSkinny for more Dragon Quest Builders 2 guides!

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Published Jul. 15th 2019

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