Tell 2K Games What You Want in WWE 2K16: Here's Your Chance

2K Games launches WWE 2K 2014-15 Feedback Project forum for gamers to post feedback and wishlists for WWE 2K16.

The WWE games are to wrestling fans as Madden games are to football fans. Every year, like clockwork, another one comes out with updated rosters and a couple of new features like a new grapple system or game mode. Last year's iteration, WWE 2K15, tried to make the jump to next-gen and fell a bit short, cutting out a lot of content in all versions of the game while adding very little.

Fans have been vocal about their disappointment with the game.

Luckily, 2K Games is eager for feedback

Last week 2K Games launched the WWE 2K 2014-15 Feedback Project forum dedicated to seeing what people want in WWE 2K16. The forum topics all range from broad concepts like "Gameplay" and "New Features" all the way to specific modes like MyCareer and 2K Showcase.

While we have yet to see what suggestions (if any) 2K Games will take to heart since no information on WWE 2K16 will be announced for a few months, it's always nice to see a game company taking steps to reach out to its community.

Speaking of wrestling wishlists, check back out GameSkinny later this week to see the Top 10 things I want to see in WWE 2K16.


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Published Feb. 11th 2015
  • Brian Senne
    Wow. What an abundantly obvious answer for 2k. Stop taking features out 360 and PS3. Why, most of these comments don't even have to do with how you dropped the ball in giving us very little in actual improvements. Seems we care more about getting the same features for last Gen consoles considering we paid full price for half the game. I got news for you 2K, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who liked playing the NXT story. No we want more moves, create an entrance and finisher moves And we DEFINITELY want career mode! Oh and you ARE losing fans over this.
  • tjj_7924
    Why won't you add my career mod for ps3 dont you want people to enjoy the games you make, or is all you think about is money
  • Arjun_5673
    In next game please add next generation version in ps3 and Xbox 360 in wwe 2k17 as it does not exist in wwe 2k16
  • Naomi _8491
    For my career to be on Xbox 360
  • suhail khan
    Hello 2k sports i want to tell you that please improve the graphicsof wwe 2k 16 in xbox 360 and don't make graphic difference between xbox one and Xbox 360 and please add my carrer mode in xbox 360 please improve the graphics of crowd on xbox 360hope you rply my comment as soon as possible
  • Sonu_6377
    I want wwe2k16 with my carier mode on ps3
  • TAMMY reed
    Please 2k bring back aj Lee and Beth and Melina and Ashley and Gail and Michelle and Tiffany and eve and kelly kelly and Kaitlyn and vickie and my career mode on Xbox 360
  • Charlie_1966
    Are you kidding me??!! Why isn't my career on last gen consoles?!!? I paid 60 dollars for the game and pre-ordered it and no my career??!! I bought it just for my career!!! This is an outrage and I want it fixed!!!!!!!!!!
  • Joey _7742
    *I would like the them to add the custom music back, and add more entrance.
    *It would be cool to be able to fight in the crowd
    *It would be sick if you could access the back stage like in No Mercy for n64.. locker room, ect
    *add more 90's wrestlers as DLC
    *Earl Hebner as ref
    *And more ring announced caw NAMES
    *The ability to choose which announcers and referee you want in your game play such as:
    Jerry the King Lawler, Jim Ross, Michael Cole.
    Earl Hebner, Howard Finkel, ect.
    * The ability to rip videos for your caw used offline only.
    *Make the game as good as wwe13/2k14 was but better..
    *more logos
    *Old School venues. WWF,WCW,ECW brands
    * The "After the match cheap shots" like in the old smakdown games.
    *Ability to change any superstars full attire
  • Michael_4204
    Please put my career mode on ps3 it's not fair for us that can't get it so please add it please
  • Mikey_7055
    Please for the love of god please add wwe 2k16 my career on Xbox 360
  • John_6189
    Please for the love of your lofe
  • John_6189
    Add my career and the same features as ps4 and xboX 1 on ps3 and xboX 360
  • John_6189
    It is not fair on the people with xboX 360 and ps3
  • John_6189
    Please 2k16 I beg you
  • John_6189
    Can you make wwe 2k16 on ps3 and xb360 like ps4 and xb1 by adding my career
  • John_6189
  • Shaun X
    Career mode xbox 360
  • William peach
    And if u hit a person they should not get up so easy,
  • William peach
    On wwe215 if u got attacked back stage u could not fight back hope u can on this game
  • William peach
    I would like to see in wwe2k16 is storyline for the super stars
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