Bizarro World DLC Announced for Lego Batman 3

Two new DLC packs for Lego Batman 3. One free, Heroines & Villainesses Pack. And one not free, Bizarro World DLC. Both out in early 2015.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is getting a new DLC pack called, "Bizarro World DLC". The focus of the DLC is to save Bizarro's home planet from some sort of DC type evil. However, there is a twist, you must first be hero enough to join the Bizarro League.

Bizarro who?

Bizarro is the a less than perfect clone of Superman. He possesses all of Superman's trade mark abilities, with a twist. Many of his powers are just mirrors of Superman's powers. Superman has frost breath and heat vision. Bizarro has fire breath and ice vision.

Bizarro attempted to clone the Justice League, thus forming The Bizarro League. He used a Duplicator Ray owned by Lex Luthor, but it did not go to plan. They are all imperfect clones. Another character who has been imperfectly cloned is Wonder Woman, or should I say Bizarra.

This is Bizarro, not Superman.

Alongside this paid DLC is some free DLC, this one will focus on female characters in the DC Comics world. Some of the announced characters are Starfire, Vixen, Plastique, and Killer Frost.

Raven doing her scary Raven tricks.

Season Pass holders for Lego Batman 3 will be glad to know that it will include the "Bizarro World DLC." Alternately you can buy it separately. This marks the 4th paid DLC for Lego Batman 3, there are just two more to go, to make it up to the six promised with the Season Pass. The "Heroines & Villainesses Pack" will be free.

Expect to see both DLCs in early 2015. Will you be ready to save another planet, Bizarros home planet, by then?

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Published Dec. 2nd 2014

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