Closed beta for The Tomorrow Children begins January 21

The closed beta for the cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic game will be available to players who sign up online.

The closed beta for the upcoming game The Tomorrow Children begins January 21, director Dylan Cuthbert announced today.

The game, which was recently showcased at PlayStation Experience, is described as taking place in a "retro-futuristic, cold war-themed, post-apocalyptic alternate timeline." As for what the game will be like, Cuthbert explains:

The Tomorrow Children is an online social action adventure game that is going to take you somewhere you’ve never been before. In The Tomorrow Children, the surface of the earth is encased in a white shell known as the “Void,” the aftermath of a soviet experiment gone horribly wrong.

With your online comrades you will brave the Void to collect resources and develop towns, all while defending yourselves against the Izverg, mysterious creatures that emerge from the depths of the Void destroying everything in their wake.

The key to surviving and, more importantly, restoring the world to its former glory requires players to collaborate with comrades to search out the lost DNA in the Void and convert it back into human form, all the while constructing and defending the towns for this new human race to live in, eventually re-populating the world!

Beta participants will receive a special, exclusive costume for the game:

Interested U.S. and Canadian players can sign up for the beta here.

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