Microsoft's cross-platform support is right around the corner!

Microsoft's "Play Anywhere" will allow for cross-platform gaming by the end of the summer.

Last month at E3, Microsoft announced cross-platform support between PC and Xbox titles. “Play Anywhere” has finally been given an official release date of September 13th. Microsoft is laying the groundwork for this feature with a Windows 10 Anniversary Update slated for release in August as well as an Xbox One update that will roll out this summer.

The only other requirement for cross-platform play lies in the digital purchase of the applicable titles. Purchasing the physical disk will not qualify for “Play Anywhere”. The digital purchase syncs your progress, saves, and achievements so that your experience is seamless regardless of platform.

The current list of games that fall under the “Play Anywhere” category are as follows:

·         ReCore

·         Forza Horizon 3

·         Gears of War 4

·         Sea of Thieves

·         Halo Wars 2

·         Scalebound

·         Killer Instinct Season 3

·         State of Decay 2

·         Ark: Survival Evolved

·         Cuphead

·         We Happy Few

·         Crackdown 3

Expect the list of games to continue to grow, as cross-platform support has been a feature heavily requested by gamers for quite a while.


Published Jul. 4th 2016
  • Pierre Fouquet
    Featured Correspondent
    **Cough** Quantum Break already did Play Anywhere **cough** It's already here guys... The future where you don't need an Xbox One is here! Woo! haha!

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