Magic The Gathering: Looking Back at 25 Years of Awesome Card Art

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Who could have guessed nearly a quarter century back that a bunch of nerds playing a collectible card game version of D&D with their friends would turn into a worldwide phenomenon?

Between dozens of card sets in the intervening years, a relentless tide of online versions, and people literally making their careers playing at a pro level, Magic: The Gathering has come a long way since releasing at Gen Con all those years ago.

While the game mechanics (and constant quest for better decks) keep players coming back, it's unquestionably the art that most defines Magic. There have been thousands of cards to hit booster packs and pre-made decks across the years, featuring some of the best fantasy art talent in the gaming realm.

We're going to take a look back at the most iconic cards, from the original Alpha release way back in '93 all the way up to the Rivals Of Ixalan set in 2018. Get ready for a whirlwind tour of Magic history!

Note that in some cases these cards have seen multiple releases across sets and with different artists, so you may see a different listing on each slide than what you expect.

Published Mar. 5th 2018

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