Overwatch's most popular bird signs with new team.

Twitch phenom and professional Overwatch player Seagull, and his team begin new chapter with NRG eSports.

Former Team Fortress 2 pro, Twitch sensation, godly Genji player. These are just a few terms you can use to describe Brandon Larned, better known as Seagull in the community. Now you can add "professional Overwatch player for Shaquille O'neil's eSports team" to that list.

Seagull and his team, Mixup, formerly played Overwatch competitively for Luminosity Gaming. As their contract with Luminosity came to its end, a new team already had an eye set on the talented group. In fact, it was Shaq, a co-owner of NRG eSports that reached out to Seagull with this unorthodox tweet last week: 

Check out @SHAQ's Tweet:

And it looks like Shaq's recruiting method worked. After a week of hearing nothing official, NRG tweeted this: 

The "new" team is NRG's first Overwatch team and they are looking forward to the opportunity. As NRG eSports Chairman Andy Miller stated in an interview with Daily Dot eSports:

"We are very excited about Overwatch the game and its esports potential.  Adding Seagull and the boys to the NRG family at this early stage in the games' development gives us a great opportunity to establish ourselves as a leader and participate in creating the competitive culture of Overwatch."

The NRG Overwatch team roster consists of Seagull, Gods, Milo, Pookz, Enigma, and new addition Dummy playing support. 

Seagull often streams on Twitch and routinely brings upwards of 30k viewers into his channel, which you can find here: https://www.twitch.tv/a_seagull


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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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