Neko Atsume mementos list guide - Cats can show love too!

What gifts do your cats have in store? This memento list tells all!

You want the cats that visit your house in Neko Atsume to feel welcome, right? And it's only natural for you to want to see some sort of token of affection from the many kitties the game has to offer.

After a cat visits you a few times, it may give you one of its treasured items: a memento. These can either be items only a cat could enjoy, such as acorns or seeds, or more practical items like a rolling pin. Often it's the former.

There is no telling when a cat will give you a memento! Some will give theirs to you after only a few visits, while others will take dozens. It is completely random, which is the biggest reason it takes so long to complete your memento collection.

The cats are listed in alphabetical order below, including rare cats. Despite their mementos seeming insignificant, you definitely get a better feel for each of the cat's personalities through their mementos. That's part of what makes Neko Atsume so fun.

Memento list

Cat Memento Memento description


Teaser Toy Tip
A trophy from a hard-fought battle?

Billy the Kitten

Lucky Coin
An old coin with the same pattern on both sides. 

Bob the Cat

Antique Compass
A continually spinning compass.


Fish-stick board
A small, pungent board that once held fish sticks.


 An hourglass filled with blue sand.


Damp Matchbox
The matches are too damp to light.

Chairman Meow

Silver Tag
A silver tag with writing embossed on it.


A normal six-sided dice. Good for curing indecision.

Conductor Whiskers

Hand-drawn Ticket
A ticket drawn by a child, but too smudged to read.


Bottle Cap
A bottle cap within a thin piece of cork inside.


Seashell Earring
 A lovely drop earring with a small seashell.


Thaw-proof Snowman
This melt-resistant snowman is forever cold to the touch.


Raffle Ticket
A ticket for a store raffle.


Clean Handkerchief
 A freshly laundered handkerchief.


Scuffed Dime
 A coin with grooves around the edge.

Guy Furry

Custom Rolling Pin
A rolling pin custom made to fit cat-sized paws.

Joe DiMeowgio

Signed Baseball
 A baseball with someone's autograph.


Fine Quality Writing Brush
A new paintbrush with a fine point.

Lady Meow-Meow

Novelty Sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses to avoid more UV light.


Dirty Toy Animal
A gently used small stuffed penguin.


Child's Wristband
A fabric wristband from an amusement park.


Flower Bookmark
A bookmark made from a purple pressed flower.


Used Hand Warmer
A disposable hand warmer that's already been used.

Mr. Meowgi

Odd Wooden Charm
A wood tag used for border crossings in ancient times.

Ms. Fortune

Gold Coin
A shiny gold coin.


Colored Candles
A colorful assortment of candles. 


Bendy Straw
 A plastic straw bent into a silly shape.


Toy Mirror
A small, sturdy mirror.


Silent Bell
A small bell that does not ring.


Bird Feather
A beautiful osprey feather.


Aluminum Pins
They make rattling noises when you shake them.

Ramses the Great

Elegant Staff
 A staff with a complex design.


Warped Container
A plastic container covered with bite marks.

Saint Purrtrick

Mysterious Stone
A uniquely shaped polished stone that radiates power.

Sassy Fran

Coffee Cup
A dainty coffee cup with cute designs.

Senor Don Gato

Feathered Hat
An attractive hat decorated with feathers.


Cicada Skin
The cast-off skin from a molting cicada.


Soft Brush
A soft brush for fur.


A small collar with a flower print pattern.


Small Mittens
Small, handmade mittens.


Damaged Spoon
The tip is so chipped it looks more like a spork.


Gift Wrap Ribbon
A slightly tangled ribbon once used to wrap presents.


Glow Bracelet
Something to wear at evening events.


Eyeglass Lens
A lens from a pair of soda-bottle glasses.


Shiny Acorn
An acorn with a shiny shell.


Random Seeds
Random seeds.


Fish Jerky
Piece of dried fish covered in claw marks.


Worn Postcard
Whatever was written is too smudged to read now.


Pretty Stones
Beautiful, clear stones of unknown value.

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Published Dec. 30th 2015
  • NekoAtsume__
    Does pepper like ritzy bits?
  • NekoAtsume__
    I have been trying for a week and pepper never came once
    I've also been trying for frosty but I didn't see him/her
    I don't really know the genders
  • Littlemissperfect
    Yea same here
  • agnes_5093
    i started the game with snowball as the first cat in the tutorial, and snowball yesterday gave me cicada skin as memento (not collar), my friend started the game with shadow as his first cat but he has not gotten any mementos yet
  • Lucia_5232
    Thanks a lot
    I just wish it would be not random
    But then u can cheat if it's not random so yeah

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