New Merch That Proves the Warcraft Movie Just Isn't WoW - and That's OK!

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A story never translates quite the same way when it travels from one medium to another... and in the case of over 20 years worth of franchise story development, the rich, expansive lore of the Warcraft series is just a little too big to set up, especially in a movie. Today's high expectations for fantasy movies dictate a need for a good story, rounded, 3-dimensional characters, and enough action to satiate -- and the Warcraft movie crams that and a lot of lore into 2 hours.

Warcraft: The Beginning simply has to do its best -- and to its credit, its best has allowed the movie to stay largely faithful to the existing story and to the world. Its down-to-the-details recreation of familiar World of Warcraft areas like the Dark Portal, Dalaran, and Stormwind Keep have fans more excited than they'd first imagined. 

June 10th marked the official release day of the Warcraft movie in the US but critic reviews have been trickling in for over a month. The movie released in several countries worldwide as early as May 26 (France). Thanks to the reviews most fans going in are pretty prepared to notice some differences.

The canon has been streamlined somewhat (for example, humans just get to have gryphons now), and some fans just don't like that. At all. If you're one of these, the following products probably aren't for you... but man, you won't be able to argue that they're still pretty cool anyway!

Published Jun. 10th 2016

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