10 Epic/Rare Minecraft Seeds for 1.7.4+

Some of the best seeds for Minecraft 1.7.4 and 1.7.5.

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Sometimes the best fun to be found in Minecraft is hopping onto a new seed and finding something amazing, or finding yourself wandering much further than anticipated because the generated world is just overall epic.

This is a compilation of Minecraft seeds I’ve built up over the past few months, ranging from some great survival worlds to those that just have some good resources off the bat. I have only tested these on versions 1.7.4 and 1.7.5 of the PC version of Minecraft.

I didn’t discover any of these seeds myself, but because of the simplistic way I keep them (in a .txt file), I don’t have the original finders of these seeds on hand. If you’re looking for the original finders of these seeds, your best bet is to search for ‘Minecraft seed’ and then the seed number (or word) in your prefered search engine.


This is probably one of the better-known seeds for mining diamonds, and is worth mentioning on any seed list. You can find a ton of diamonds, gold, iron, and a ton of different ores fairly easily in this seed.

The one thing to note about this is there tends to be magma near a number of ore deposits. Keep an eye out as you go mining!


This nifty seed has a temple near the player spawn point. Within are chests with diamonds, rotten flesh, and some other goodies for you to take.

An interesting spawn point, and some nice goodies nearby. What’s not to like? 


Find your way to the village near this seed’s spawn point, then make your way into the nearby temple and you can find nice amount of loot as well as a mob spawner.

A few of my friends have reported finding some nice stuff elsewhere on this seed, but I haven’t bothered to wander out too far myself. Finding the village and the subsequent temple nearby should be easy.


I’ve just come across this seed recently, but it is definitely one of my favorites in terms of diversity. There are loads of biomes not too far from the spawn point, and tons of resources to be found around as well.

This is one of my favorite adventuring worlds right now, and is worth checking out if you’ve got a hankering for exploration.


This is another seed that is great for adventuring and is filled with a number of biomes and interesting terrain. Not much more to say about this, but if you’re looking for some exploration this is a nice choice.


This is an interesting one. You spawn next to the ocean, in which there are a number of islands near the shore. There are a fair amount of resources near the shore, but the real fun here is going from island to island to see what’s in store. A challenging seed.


This one seems to have become really popular lately, and for good reason. The village near the spawn point has several mob spawners underneath and a number in the surrounding area.

Finding the spawners in this seed can be tricky, and I had to turn to other people’s’ YouTube videos and information to find them myself. This is probably the best video for locating the myriad of spawners near the village.


Did someone say “Winter Wonderland?” This is one of my favorite snow-packed seeds and hosts a wealth of interesting terrain for the icy explorer. 

Your spawn point is right in an area covered in ice spikes, which in itself is really cool. A nice taiga biome sits nearby to round out the whole experience. Definitely worth checking out if you want some extra ice in your Minecraft funtimes.


Another nice seed for those of you looking to get a survival start with diamonds. Not only is this need nice and varied, but a temple in the mesa biome right near the spawn point has chests with 7 to 9 diamonds (I can’t remember off the top of my head). 

This is just a great seed, and is definitely worth your time to check out.


I haven’t tested this one out in a while, but it is a fun seed to explore. Not too far from spawn are a desert temple, a dungeon, a village, and a jungle packed with delicious melons.

This is not only a fun seed to explore, but an interesting one to loot the heck out of too. I played around with this one a lot back in February, but haven’t been back in some time. Maybe now’s about the time to do so.

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