If the sea's calling, we've collected an awesome set of Minecraft ocean seeds that should scratch that nautical itch!

10 Jaw-dropping Minecraft ocean seeds

If the sea's calling, we've collected an awesome set of Minecraft ocean seeds that should scratch that nautical itch!
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Spawn on a barren desert island

Seed: 94984400

This Minecraft island is shaped just like an arrowhead, poised to fire at the ocean monument close by. Dig down from the top of this little island to find a small cave system packed with resources. The end of the cave opens up to the ocean, providing a neat little glance at the squid frolicking leisurely outside.

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Spawn near a beach

Seed: 6219391165692045981

Unlike most of the other ocean seeds we've collected, this one will have you starting on a landmass instead of an island. With your spawn point so close to the coast, why not head to the beach? From there you'll find an island with a very shallow cave -- more of a burrow, really -- that's perfect for an emergency shelter. Just beyond that is an ocean monument, which you'll approach from the rear.

Venture inland instead and you'll soon find mushroom trees dotting the landscape!

Spawn near a cliff's edge

Seed: 969535336

A large, gorgeous island full of stark drops, sheep, and beautiful waterfalls -- this Minecraft ocean seed really is jaw-dropping stuff. There's enough scope and supplies on this starting island to build your very own Swiss Family Robinson setup!

Head down along the spine of the tallest cliff towards the island's sandy half. Veer to the right and you'll find an ocean monument stocked with gold and Guardians.

Spawn near trees on a short hill

Seed: -1211445164

Be careful where you dig! This short chain of islands is boiling just beneath its picturesque surface. On the upside, there's plenty of wood and a smattering of animals -- more than enough to build a hut and comfortably survive your first few days. Set sail off the end of this sand dune to come across an ocean monument.

Spawn on a desert island

Seed: -929981354910765436

You will spawn on a cannon-shaped island, which contains some iron and coal under its largely sandy surface. In the distance, you'll soon spy a single, lonely tree on the horizon. Head toward it and pass between the next few sandy islands in order to reach an underwater temple. This ocean seed is great for Minecraft players looking for a marooned experience.

Spawn on a grassy hill

Seed: 3195146054681472603

The Double Rainbow guy taught us that awesome things come in pairs: so it is with this ocean seed. There are two ocean monuments present on this rather flat starting island. The seed is also abundant in resources, stocking several types of animal as well as surface-accessible cave systems and tunnels, making this awesome Minecraft seed a great place for a quick start.

Seed spawn with rabbits

Seed: -1995673130

Turn your back on those trees you see in the distance. You'll know you're pointing the right way when you see a spit of grass resembling a hand with an extended index finger! Head in a straight line from there to find the rear of an ocean monument.

That is, of course, if you can leave the adorable little rabbits who have colonized the starting island of this fun Minecraft seed.

Spawn near trees and an ocean monument

Seed: 67510

There might be plenty of fish in the sea, but when it comes to this Minecraft ocean seed... there are even more squid. Scratch the surface of your forested starting island and you'll soon have enough coal, wood, and stone to make a strong start to your game. From there, an ocean monument is just a short, cephalopod-filled paddle away!

Spawn near a waterfall, underwater

Seed: 202961

You'll be off to a watery start on this ocean seed, spawning near or just under a waterfall. Keep the snow-capped hills to your left and swim forward to quickly reach an ocean monument. If you'd rather not try to fight the temple's contents bare-handed and breathless, scale the cliffs and venture inland a little to gather supplies and prepare.

Spawn on a small island with sheep

Seed: -1104541934

There's one in every family, isn't there? A black sheep, a... bad seed, if you will. This ocean seed is far from bad, sporting an ocean monument a comfortable swim from each end of the tiny island you start on. Though it looks barren from the surface, this island sits atop a resource-rich cave system. You'll be able to find trees on nearby islands.

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