15 things you need to know/remember about Pokemon RBY

List of 15 tips for those who have never played Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow and for those who cannot remember what it was like.

List of 15 tips for those who have never played Pokémon Red, Blue, or Yellow and for those who cannot remember what it was like.

If there is one thing that all the new Pokémon games have given us it is high expectations. Going back to the original game can be painful if you are used to unlimited space in your pockets, running shoes, and so much more. 

With the re-release of Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow on the 3DS, the games from twenty years ago might make you very frustrated if you do not remember this list of things. 

1. The hardest gym leader is Brock.

This is not just because you need to grind like crazy to get a Pokémon that can do any damage, but because you have no resources to make this battle easier. You have to be careful of one-hit KOs against Brock. If you pick Charmander as a starter in Red or Blue, then this match is ridiculously tough. Some tips: his Pokémon have low Special stat so Growl is useful, also using moves that will whittle down the health of his Pokémon like Ember and Confusion can really help. 

2. Losing any battle makes you lose half your money.

RBY are cruel worlds for a little ten-year-old. Make sure to save before you battle and reload unless you want to give away half of your hard earned fortune to some lucky scamp. 

3. Hardest capture rates in the Pokémon series.

This does not just go for the legendary Pokémon but for all the Pokémon in the game. Play Red and then go back to playing X and you will be crying to Arceus “Hallelujah.”

4. If you are going to any cave, stock up on Repels.

Zubats will make you lose your sanity piece by piece while going through the caves and your encounter rates will be reduced with Repels. 

5. Your bag is limited.

You cannot just hold everything in your pockets like you do now in Pokémon games. This is why the item box became a thing that was actually used. So, just remember to go the Poké Center and store any items that you do not need as a necessity or you will end up not being able to get new items very quickly. 

6. The Boxes in the PC

Boxes are a different animal in this game completely. For one, when Pokémon are sent to the Box they PC does not automatically move to the next available one. This means you will have to manually make sure that you have space in your Box for any Pokémon you catch. Also, Pokémon do not heal automatically when they get sent to the PC, so heal them up after you take out any new Pokémon.

7. The Itemfinder is useless.

Unless you already know exactly where an item is, from either cheating by going online or real-life psychic abilities, the Itemfinder is useless.

8. Exp. Share is Exp. All in these games and it is more pain than it is worth.

Instead of sharing the experience between the Pokémon that battle and the Pokémon with the Exp. Share, all the Pokémon in your party divvy up the experience. If you are looking to just get as much experience as possible then go ahead, but if you care about stats and being the very best like no one ever was, the Exp. All is a nuisance. 

9. The dreaded Lift Key

Finding the Lift Key is a horrifyingly frustrating experience. It will be in the Celadon Gambling Hideout and one of the Rockets will drop it. Sounds easy right? No, the area is filled with special tiles and a bunch of Rockets. One of the Rockets on the second floor should have your key. 

10. Psychic type is the bomb.

For whatever reason, Psychic types are super over-powered in RBY. So just remember that when crafting your team and what you will need when you go against Psychic trainers. 

11. Critical Hits 

The chance of a Critical Hit depends on the Speed of your Pokémon. (This puts another point in Alakazam’s favor for being a part of your Pokémon team.)  

12. HMs

To use an HM you have to manually go through the menu to use it. It’s a pain, and it makes you thank the Pokémon Company so much for advancing this game. 

13. Stats

For those who pay attention to states of their Pokémon, there is no physical/special split in both moves and stats.

14. In Yellow, Pikachu cannot be evolved.

You will have to trade to get a Raichu to complete your Pokédex.

15. Pokemon Yellow differences

Pokémon Yellow is different from Red and Blue and that all comes down to one thing: Pikachu being a diva. Remember to talk to your Pikachu. And do not lose to Eevee. So just remember that Pikachu is a diva and plan accordingly when you play. 


Whether this is your first time playing Red, Blue, or Yellow or the first time since your Gameboy cartridge memory died, this tips will help you get through the nostalgia of the old games. 

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