5 Excuses to Give People When You Want to Keep Playing Video Games

Want to spend time alone to game? We've got five perfect excuses to give to people.

Want to spend time alone to game? We've got five perfect excuses to give to people.
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We all have told some little white lies so that we can continue to be introverted and spend time playing games. Let’s just admit it — this is a place without judgment. And because we’re fellow introverts, we’re going to help you be more introverted. In case you’ve run out of excuses to hole up and keep playing games, we’ve thought of some for you.

“I can’t right now; I have to attend to my mayoral duties.”

You can’t leave when the town needs you. You have a very busy schedule. I’m sure you’ll have at least one ribbon cutting ceremony to attend. Isabelle can’t cut the ribbon by herself. She doesn’t even have opposable thumbs to use the scissors.

“I’m in the middle of a battle! My team needs me! I’m the general I can’t leave my team behind!”

Battles are life and death situations. What can be more important than that?! If you leave your team now, Pikachu will definitely turn his back on you. You thought he was a diva before…well wait until you leave him high and dry in the battlefield.

“Mom, I just pulled all the weeds in my town. The least you could do is do the backyard.”


For real, it’s the least she could do. I mean you pulled the weeds for the entire town! Does she think your town is going to get a perfect town rating with weeds in it? Even mayors have to roll up their sleeves and do the dirty work in this town.

“My Sim is about to get married. I’m the maid of honor/bride/flower girl/mother. I can’t miss this!”


Seriously though — you can’t after spending five hours building your house, you really just got started playing the game. A true friend will know that playing Sims means you will be gone all day…or all week. Oh, and if it’s the latest version, you’ll be gone all month.

“Hang on, I can’t save right now.”


This excuse is a classic, but a good one. You just repeat this mantra for the next few hours. Normally the person gives up by then, unless that person is your mother. Parents have amazing patience. (Though I recommend actually saving when the neighbors can hear their voice.)

Be careful when selecting which excuse you give. Depending on the situation, you may get a scolding from your parents. I’ve said all of these to my mother, and have yet to get in trouble. Lucky for me, my mom thinks I’m funny. Select your excuses wisely and get back to your game.

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