Thinking about getting this game on Android? You're in for a few more irritations than your iOS counterparts!

5 Things you should know about Cut the Rope: Magic

Thinking about getting this game on Android? You're in for a few more irritations than your iOS counterparts!
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Zeptolab has done it again and brought back the bubbly green monster Om Nom in the latest Cut the Rope game to hit the mobile market. This time, an evil wizard has sucked all of Om Nom’s candy into a portal through a giant storybook, and it’s up to Om Nom to get it all back. 

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There are a few changes to Cut the Rope: Magic that you may not have been expecting compared to all the others. Here are some of the big ones!

1. Om Nom loses his appetite.

Unlike previous iterations of the CTR, our little monster has an energy bar that runs out after a certain number of games… and it’ll take about 20 minutes or so for it to fully recharge. 

Also, note that the energy bar gets depleted even if you’re replaying old levels, regardless of whether or not you’ve already gotten three-star achievements in them.

2. You can transform!

It’s not just the same ol’ Om Nom – this time, you have the power to change into a number of different creatures with different abilities… including an even tinier version of yourself!

The puzzles just keep getting trickier as you have to work in how your transformations will affect Om Nom’s position on the map.

3. You can pay to get rid of ads but they might not all go away.

Those of you who have played the free versions of previous games will remember how the later levels turned into a bevy of ad after ad interrupting each and every puzzle you play. This game offers the ability to get rid of them… but beware that some ads end up slipping through anyway. 

Note: This applies to the game on Google Play. Cut the Rope: Magic is available on iOS for $0.99 and it appears this version does not come with an energy bar.

4. Paying to get rid of ads won’t give you any more energy. 

Players should also note that regardless of whether or not you pass or fail the level, the energy bar will deplete and you will still be required to stop and let the bar recharge before you can play again once it empties. 

5. It’s still a little buggy. 

The hint bug will occasionally force you to tap on it and let it help you without allowing you to figure stuff out on your own. A few users have reported a lot of crashing issues, and in-app purchases disappearing – so be ready to contact the developers if anything crazy happens!

All in all, this is a gorgeous new addition to the Cut the Rope games, but chock-full of all the mobile game-isms we’ve come to loathe about this particular section of the industry.

Here’s hoping a paid version of the game with a few less problems makes its way onto the Android platform soon!

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