Learn how to conquer Assassin's Creed Odyssey with these tips for the early parts of the game. They'll improve the whole experience.

5 Tips to Own the Early Game in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Learn how to conquer Assassin's Creed Odyssey with these tips for the early parts of the game. They'll improve the whole experience.

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is a long game, and there’s some very aggressive experience gating as it nears its close. Plus, the endgame is where some of the best content lies and ensuring you’re ready to hit it the instant you get there takes preparation. That preparation takes time.

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While Odyssey is already a 40-50 hour experience, if you want to get the most out of it, you’ll probably be pushing 60 hours. Be aware that there’s some grinding involved so don’t be surprised if you have to take a little time off of the main story to explore the world and do some side quests. That is what they’re there for, you can’t barrel through the main story all at once.

In any event, here are five important tips so you can get the most out of the early game in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey.

1. Take bounties. Lots of them.

I mentioned in my Odyssey review that I really enjoyed the bounty system, as it’s short, optional content that gives good rewards for relatively little effort.

Bounties are a blessing, because my biggest piece of advice for the first 5-10 hours of your time in Odyssey is to take at least two bounties for every bounty board you come across and complete them at your earliest convenience. That is, right away.

The experience and gold boost each give might be small potatoes individually, but it adds up quickly, and you’ll need every inch of progress on that experience tracker if you’re going to be properly leveled to jump right into the late game story content.

On an unrelated note, bounties will often take you to parts of the map you wouldn’t otherwise go to, opening up optional locations where you can earn additional experience and loot. Some of the rewards you receive from these side treks will be better than what you already have, and you might even run into a sidequest or two for your trouble.

2. Dismantle everything

Much can be said about the material economy in Odyssey, but one of the best ways to sidestep some of it is to dismantle everything you no longer use.

Don’t worry, the good stuff — Legendary itemscan’t be dismantled, but if it’s purple, blue, or grey, and it’s not as good as what you’ve got on, get rid of it. Unless it’s got sentimental value or seems to be tied to a story character (some items are), there’s no reason to keep it around. 

Higher quality gear breaks down into higher quality materials, but every bit is important, especially if you want to level up your Legendary gear to use late game.

Don’t concern yourself with the gold value of your items, as you can make every piece you need through bounties and looting world locations. Of course, Odyssey absolutely rains down loot on you, so selling a few items isn’t ever out of the question, but it will never be the real money maker.

3. Upgrade the Spear

Leonidas’s Spear is both a story item and a gameplay gating mechanic, as additional perks on the Abilities page require new Spear levels to activate. You’ll need to hunt down members of the Cult of Kosmos for the items needed to actually do the upgrading, but enough members of the Cult are available early enough that you can make some significant progress before you have to go hunting too hard. 

Also, upgrading the Spear increases its damage and the main character’s Adrenaline gauge, which you’ll need to make use of the powerful abilities Odyssey offers. There are also a number of passive buffs that come with an upgraded Spear, and while I wouldn’t call them “powerful,” they can come in handy in a pinch and they make for a nice little power boost when you might need it most.

4. Don’t Neglect the Warrior Tree

While the Assassin’s Creed series has previously been a game based around stealth mechanics, in Odyssey you’ll be getting into a lot of face-to-face fights too.

There are certainly plenty of opportunities to remain unseen, but unless you’re vastly over-leveled for the area you’re in, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to take down an enemy with a single stealth attack or bow headshot. And unless you want to let the entire area go back to being unalerted, you’ll be facing off against at least a few guards in a head up fight.

So don’t ignore the Warrior tree on the Abilities page. There are some powerful skills on there, all of which make your life easier when you’re clashing swords. Offering everything from straight armor and damage upgrades to situational but still useful abilities, the Warrior tree should be a constant friend, no matter how you plan to play.

5. The Sparta Kick. Live It. Love It.

Yes, the meme lives on almost thirteen years later, and yes, you can channel Gerard Butler’s Leonidas and kick your enemies down impossibly high places to their doom.

That isn’t the main reason to love the Spartan Kick, however. Rather, its mechanics are its most important trait. There are a few things going for it: 

  1. Invincibility frames
  2. Attack interrupt
  3. Distance closing

You heard me. The Kick makes you invincible while it winds up, so as long as you have a good store of adrenaline, you can do a decent chunk of damage without fear of reprisal.

It also interrupts enemy attacks, including the unblockable ones, so a well-timed Kick can, and will, save you from some of the game’s most damaging effects, fire and poison notwithstanding.

And while the final effect doesn’t always go off, the Kick usually does a good job of closing the gap between you and your targeted foe so you don’t have to waste a dodge or risk going through someone’s spear to reach your intended victim.


Assassin’s Creed Odyssey has a lot of content, and you’d do well to engage with most of it, especially early on. We at GameSkinny hope these tips help your early game experience be a little more fun and prepare you for what’s to come later in the experience.

Stay tuned for more Assassin’s Creed Odyssey guides and guides for all your favorite games, right here.

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