5 Tips to Succeed With Lazarus In Evolve

Tips on how to be an effective Lazarus from one of the top 100 Evolve Lazarus players on PS4.

Tips on how to be an effective Lazarus from one of the top 100 Evolve Lazarus players on PS4.

Evolve has been out for a little over a week and players have been battling it out with the three monsters that are available at this time. The Wraith has quickly become the monster that most hunters have grown to fear. With Lazarus as the medic there is a good chance of survival providing the player controlling Laz can keep his wits. I have played many rounds as Laz and have climbed the ranks of leaderboards on the PS4 to be top 100 worldwide for him.

TIP 1:  Keep your distance

While playing as Laz and fighting any monster just remember to keep your distance. Keeping distance may seem counter productive as the medic, but it will make sense when you have all the tips thrown together and put to application. While keeping distance be sure to communicate where you are and if you are open for a heal so players may join you.

TIP 2:  Save your cloak

Lazarus’s cloak is a life saver; both other hunters and yours. If you find yourself being targeted by the monster cloak yourself and retreat a little bit. Their attention will turn to other players quickly. On the other side of things the cloak will be used in conjunction with the Lazarus Device in tip 3.

TIP 3:  Use Lazarus Device 

Be sure to communicate that you have the resurrection on an incapacitated or dead team member. Remember the Lazarus Device will not penalize a member for going down or dying. If a teammate helps another one up they don’t have 100% health. This penalty can be countered by utilizing the Lazarus Device.

TIP 4: Use the sniper

Most people get angry that you are supposed to be a medic not a sniper, but with Lazarus you certainly are a sniper. As you put shots into the monster you can utilize the weak points. Be sure to spread the points out on the monster to give other hunters any opening possible to maximize damage.

TIP 5: Reload speed

The perk you select is as important as the character you choose to pair it with. Lazarus is going to be best paired with reload speed. It seems that it speeds up your cloak, Lazarus Device, healing field, and reload speed with the sniper. This will allow you to heal other hunters more frequently and heal up after minor battles that will take place on the field.

If you take the above tips and utilize them properly you should have no issues keeping other hunters up and making sure they put damage into the main monster. I have put a lot of time and effort into keeping up on the top 100 and it is done so with these small tips.

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