A Link Between Worlds House of Gales Part 2 Guide

This is the last part to my House of Gales guide for A Link Between Worlds.
This article is over 10 years old and may contain outdated information

This is Part 2 of the House of Gales guide. Visit Part 1 if you need help up to this point.

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This guide will cover the last part of the House of Gales including:

2nd Floor: Complete floor guide.

3rd Floor: Complete floor guide.

House of Gales Boss: How to defeat it.

2nd Floor Guide

  • Head south, use the tornado rod to lift above the rolling log.
  • Go down the first flight of stairs, destroy pots to reveal switch.
  • Step on switch to make a key appear on a beam to the east.
  • Head east down another flight of stairs and through the doorway.
  • Defeat the enemies, head north up the stairs, and go through the doorway.
  • Wall merge south to the beam to grab the key, then jump off.

  • Go up the stairs, then open the locked door.
  • Jump off the grating to the east in the next room.
  • The first lever you see will activate fire, you can blow it away with the tornado rod, the second lever will activate a chest with a big key.
  • After grabbing the big key, defeating the enemies, and blowing out the fire, head through the door just east of there.
  • Go west to get back to the middle room, up the stairs, and south back to the room with the big key. Jump off to the west this time.
  • The first two levers summon enemies. The third activates a moving platform at the original grating.
  • Use the tornado rod as it moves toward you to lift yourself over it and drop on it.
  • Go to the grating to the west with the locked door. The lever there will summon enemies.
  • Wall merge to the west of the door around the corner to another grating.
  • Step on the switch to activate a key in the ring of fire on the ground, west of the locked door.
  • Wall merge back, then drop down near the fire. Blow it away, then grab the key.

  • Go back up to the locked door, then go through.
  • In the next room, two fiery enemies will appear. Blow the fire away, then defeat them to activate a shortcut portal and open the northern door.
  • Head down the stairs in the next room, then through the door to the west.
  • This room has several switches that activate fans in their path. If you mess up, just leave the room and come back in.
  • Step on the second switch as you enter the room.
  • Go north and step on that switch to reach the northern platform.
  • Step on the northern switch to reach the northeastern door.

  • Back in the middle room. Follow the path north until you reach a switch. Step on it to stop the fans in the room.
  • Jump off the ledge, then wall merge to the west.
  • Go up the stairs, head east, then go through the northern door.
  • Head up to the top of the stairs, then step on the eastern corner.
  • Equip the bow, then line yourself up with the orb and shoot it. A fan will activate to the south.
  • Jump off the ledge to the east, defeat the enemy, then step on the switch to activate a moving platform. Use your tornado rod to get on the platform.
  • Ride the platform to the southern platform, then jump off the west to the fan to reach the 3rd floor.

3rd Floor Guide

  • Merge on the eastern wall, then go south to get around the wind.
  • Head up the stairs to the next room.
  • Defeat the enemy and light the torches to open the western door.
  • Several fire enemies activate in the next room. As usual, blow the fire away before attacking. Defeat them all to open the doors and activate a chest.
  • Go through the northern door to the room with the big lock.
  • Wall merge to the east, then head through the door.
  • Grab the chest with the key, then go south. Make your way back to the room that had fire enemies.
  • Grab the chest with 50 rupees, then head back to the previous room.
  • Open the locked door to the big locked door room.
  • Get on the moving platform, then use the tornado rod when it gets to the middle to get on the second platform.
  • Unlock the big door ro reach the boss.

House of Gales Boss Guide

The House of Gales boss is a spinning disk with an eye on top.

  • Use the tornado rod to get on top of the boss, then attack the eye. It will knock you off and generate more disks underneath it.
  • Destroy the disks until the eye disk is left, then use the tornado rod to get on top again.
  • Repeat until defeated.

Now that you’re done, you get the Pendant of Wisdom. If this is your last pendant, then you are ready to get the master sword. Refer to my Items Guide on how to get it. If it isn’t, then you must do Tower of Hera now. Visit my Guide to All Guides for plenty of other help.

I hope this guide has been helpful. If you have any more questions, statements, or suggestions, let me know in the comments section below.

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