A Link Between Worlds Piece of Heart Locations Guide

This guide will show you the locations of the Pieces of Heart in A Link Between Worlds.

This guide will show you the locations of the Pieces of Heart in A Link Between Worlds.

Pieces of hearts can be hard to find and tricky to get to, so this guide should help you get them all. If you are looking for any other Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds guides, then visit by Guide to All Guides for links to them all.

Piece of Heart Locations


Hyrule World Locations
  • Behind Blacksmith’s house. Wall merge to reach it.

  • Under the Sanctuary.
    • Go under the graveyard, then to the room right after the first one.
    • Head up the stairs to the west then go on the walkway to the east.
    • Wall merge to the east to reach it.
  • Cucco Ranch. Play the minigame, then reach Rooster level. When you beat Rooster level, you will get a Piece of Heart.
  • West of Cucco Ranch. Get a high enough score in Rupee Rush for the girl to give you the piece of heart.

  • Outside Hyrule Castle. Head east around the exterior of the castle until you reach it, then lift the small rock to grab it. You must have the power glove to do this.

  • Cave above graveyard.
    • Use the sanctuary world link to get to Lorule, then leave the area to the south and go east.
    • Go up a ladder, then blow the rocks away with a bomb to reveal another world link.
    • Use this to get back to Hyrule, then go into the cave.


Around Kakariko Village
  • Cave in Kakariko Village. Pick up a chicken, and you can walk off the ledge above the cave and float for a short time. If you time it right, you can fall in the hole. Kill the snakes and head up the stairs for the piece of heart. Alternatively, if you have the power glove, you can pick up the rocks above the hole and just jump down.
  • Merge into the house to the west of the Bee house from the corresponding location in Lorule.

Around Eastern Palace
  • Southeast of Eastern Palace, surrounded by stumps.

  • A little south of Eastern Palace in a cave. Use a bomb to open the cave, then wall merge to the west.


Around Death Mountain
  • West of Tower of Hera. Jump of the ledge to the middle skinny platform. Go through the north to reach the piece of heart.

  • Far east volcanic cave.
    • Head to the middle platform and wall merge west to the moving platform with a smiley face on it.
    • Hit it with the hammer, then get on to be launched to the above platform. You have to time it right.
    • Repeat on each platform until you reach it.

  • Next to world link on top of Death Mountain. Refer to my World link Guide on how to get there.


Lorule World Locations
Around Death Mountain
  • Treacherous Tower. Beat intermediate level.
  • Outside of miner house link.
    • Go south until you see a latter to the east, then climb up.
    • Grab a chicken, then go to the northern most edge.
    • Jump off and aim to the west to land where the piece of heart is.

I will update this as I find more pieces of heart. If you need more detail or have any that I’ve missed, then let me know in the comments.

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