A New Breed of Tower Defense Squadron TD – Part 1

Learn to master the art of Nature!

Ahoy mateys’, are you ready to get your tower defense on? Then look no further, this will help you achieve victory in “Squadron Tower Defense” now on arcade on Starcraft 2 – Heart of the Swarm. I go in depth on what you should build first, what towers (units) you should get and give some detail of how they work and also what you should spend gas on as you accumulate it during the game.

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Great team game!

This is a tower defense-like game–creep waves come, you setup your defenses and try to take them out before they reach their goal, which is to destroy your ‘security system’; a giant THOR! The game is played with 8 people including you, where there are 2 teams, so it is a 4 versus 4. So the more you can help your team the better the chance you will win and I’ll explain that a little later.

Options when the game starts!

So once the game loads, there are some options that everyone can select from such as:

  • Mastermind, which creates a fog of war for the opposing team so you cannot see what they are building and it is crucial because you can see how much gas they are mining.
  • Gas Cap: is basically what it is called, it caps your gas at a certain limit between the countdown timer. If the timer reaches zero and let’s say the gas is capped at 55 and you have 65, once it reaches zero you lose 10 gas, so make sure to spend it before that timer reaches zero!
  • Extended: which means it adds 6 more waves that are very difficult if the game goes past wave 31. And finally,
  • Veteran: which gives creep waves 1-31 a buff so they are much more difficult at the start. If you are new I would recommend only selecting Mastermind and Gas Cap.

Let’s get building!

This build is for the ‘Nature Builder’; this is the only builder you may select if it is your first time playing. So as soon as everyone selects their builder and the game starts, you start with a builder unit, a harvester which is harvesting gas, and 4 buildings.

The first units you want to build are the ‘Ents’ because they are the cheapest and are essential to survival–they will tank the creeps for you! Make at least 3 of these and space them out at least 1 space away from each other in a horizontal line. You can build them right on the edge of the grassy terrain if you’d like but I tend to keep them around the middle of my area.

Next you will want to build a ‘Sprite’. These are great damage dealers as they shoot fast and can kill most things quickly from waves 1-10. You will only need 1 of these for waves 1-10 so put this right behind the ent placed in the middle.

Next you will want to build 2 Rangers. These are great, they don’t do as much damage as the sprite but they are good for piercing damage and for the boss waves. Put those rangers right behind your other 2 ents. This setup will allow you to not leak any creep waves and have a good start.

Stay tuned for part 2 tomorrow to learn about managing and spending your resources such as gas! Here it is A New Breed of Tower Defense: Squadron TD – Part 2.

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