Accessing Quick Travel in Seven: The Days Long Gone

Tips and tricks on how to unlock quick travel points in the new open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone.

Tips and tricks on how to unlock quick travel points in the new open-world RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone.

The fast travel feature in the new indie RPG Seven: The Days Long Gone on is a great tool to navigate and move across the maps of Peh. Specific travel points must be unlocked step-by-step once you reach the penal colony, as the feature is unavailable at the beginning of the game. 

Upon starting the main story, the protagonist will have to unlock access to the transport network in order to get to a specific hidden location. However, the travel points are at first inactive.You will be able to gradually unlock the branches of the network which represent the last station of that specific transport chain. Upon examination of any one of these points you will be able to gain additional information. An Overseer is found on each new branch, with a specific marker to point you to it.

 Overseer Marker for Transport Network

As you make your way through the area you will need to hack the terminal to boot up that particular network transport system. The Overseer marker should then go from white to blue, indicating connection to the transport network. This goes for all the travel points on the map; thus, when quick travel is activated, you can transport your protagonist to any one of those points.

Each terminal that you’ll need to unlock is going to get progressively harder to access with the growing strength of the enemies; these enemies should not be killed as this will trigger a swarm of soldiers to the next checkpoint. Rather, lure the enemies out or get by unnoticed under invisibility if possible. Some of these terminals will also be within rooms with special locks (either polymer or techno lockpicks). 

The video below shows a quick walkthrough of how to activate one of these terminals.

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