AFK Arena Best Heroes Tier List

Here are nine of the best heroes in AFK Arena, which you can use to create your own perfect team.

Here are nine of the best heroes in AFK Arena, which you can use to create your own perfect team.

AFK Arena has been out for some time on mobile devices, but it receives regular upgrades from the developer that introduce many new heroes to the game. If you just started playing, then it will be easier for you to use this best heroes tier list for your team compositions in AFK Arena.

The three tiers below list heroes that will mostly do a great job in PvP. However, these still stand tall in PvE as well and are worth considering.

S-Tier Heroes


  • Type: Melee Assassin
  • Faction: Celestials

Athalia is a universal hero in almost every respect. She can do no wrong either in campaign or in PvP.

With the help of her Judgement ability, she can teleport to any enemy that stands opposite to her and deal excruciating amounts of damage, rendering them worthless for some time.

Her other abilities, such as Purging Frenzy can stun the enemies for an even longer periods of time. The combo of just these two moves will most likely win you plenty of match-ups.

Elijah & Lailah

  • Type: Mage
  • Faction: Celestials

Although there are two entities that comprise Elijah & Lailah, there is really only one hero dealing and receiving damage.

This is a must-have support healer that has the Grace ability that restores 130% health to an ally that has been damaged the most. Just imagine one of your frontline heroes getting smashed, and than in a blink of an eye they’re back up in full force.

If enemy heroes try to damage one of the siblings, the other will prevent the attack by creating a shield around them, which is really useful.


  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction: Lightbearers

A good ranged DPS hero is the foundation of the proper team-building. In this regard Gwyneth can play a significant role if put in the middle-back line alongside Lyca.

Then, you can use her Flaming and Lightning Arrows together for some truly impressive amounts of damage. When both of these types of arrows get together, the enemies start to burn and damage the rest of their team in a chain.

A-Tier Heroes


  • Type: Mage
  • Faction: Hypogean

One of the most remarkable abilities of Mehira is her AoE blast called Whiplash. This massive burst of energy hits everyone including your allies and Mehira herself. When it hits allies, they get 65 energy and a 40% haste buff for 8 seconds.

Mehira can also convert her health into allied minions that attack enemy heroes. If these minions manage to deal any damage, when they return back to Mehira, her health will be restored. It’s a win-win.


  • Type: Ranged
  • Faction: Wilders

Lyca is a fantastic ranged supporter that should be used along with Gwyneth for full effect.

Lyca can be very useful at the beginning of the match-up, when she buffs all her allies by increasing their attack speed and regenerating their energy. This means that your team can kill other heroes before they can even use their ultimate abilities.


  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Maulers

This hero has the answer to all the enemy healers in the form of Fireseeds ability Level 2. This ability allows Satrana to cover an enemy hero in seeds that she throws at them. While the enemy is covered in those seeds, they can’t restore their HP or get it restored from any ally.

This is such a valuable ability that you simply want to have it against such enemies like Nemora and Lucius.

B-Tier Heroes


  • Type: Melee Tank
  • Faction: Maulers

Antandra is one of the best frontline tanks in the game. She has several abilities that can prove this in excess.

Consider her Piercing Assault ability that not only deals up to 330% damage, but cannot be blocked or interrupted in any way.

On top of that, she marks her enemies for 8 seconds during which she drains life out of them converting their damage into her own HP.


  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Lightbearers

Thane is not a usual melee DPS hero. He mainly relies on critical hits, and when he does, then all his abilities improve significantly.

For example, his Execution will ignite a whole barrage of attacks for every four critical hits. This will result in gradually increasing amounts of damage that can show some amazing numbers after level 160.


  • Type: Melee
  • Faction: Hypogean

Zolrath is another highly unconventional hero that has several tricks up his sleeve.

His Deja-Vu ability is somewhat complicated, but provides you with a unique opportunity to revert the entire match-up back to its start after all your allies have died.

You can chain Deja-Vu and level it up, which in turn will buff Zolrath and increase his Haste for longer periods of time.

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