Astral Tale characters and pets.
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All Astral Tale Codes

Earn equipment, currency, and cosmetics with freebie codes for Astral Tale.

Whether you need help fishing, want to have the cutest Terracottage, or want better equipment, free items always lend a helping hand. If you’re just jumping into X-Legend’s MMO, you’ll want to take advantage of these Astral Tale codes celebrating the game’s release.

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All Astral Tale Codes List

Active Astral Tale Codes (Active)

  • ASTRAL2M: Early Registration Gift Box x1
    • Box Contains:
      • Just Want to Duel (Bound) Title Redeem Voucher x1
      • 7 Day EXP Star x20
      • 20-Slot Bag x1
      • Advanced Gear Evolution Scroll x5
      • Ascending Star Party Pack x1
      • Candy Weapon Cosmetic (Bound) x1
      • Mushroom Capybara Mount (Bound) x1
  • WELCOMEASTRAL: Teleport Feather x30
  • BACK: Veteran Player Reward
    • Contains:
      • Server Title Redeem Voucher x1
      • Hermes’ Blessing (Bound) x1
      • Chestnut Pet (Bound) x1
Senshi Melody
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Astral Tale Codes (Expired)

  • There are no expired Astral Tale codes.

How to Redeem Codes for Astral Tale

Shop menu in Astral Tale.
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To claim the freebies offered, you’ll need to enter the Astral Tale codes in-game. Follow these steps:

  • Launch Astral Tale.
  • Navigate to the Shop menu, which is the gift box icon on the bottom right of the screen or the “I” key on keyboard.
  • Click the Claim Code button in the cart area on the right of the menu. A new window will pop up.
  • Select Redeem.
  • Input code and confirm.
  • Close the Shop menu.
  • Reopen the Shop menu.

All of the items you receive will appear in your cart once the shop loads again. From there, you can claim them, which moves the items to your inventory (B).

Why aren’t My Astral Tale Codes Working?

Astral Tale pets
Image via X-Legend Entertainment

There are a couple of reasons your Astral Tale code was rejected. There could be a typo, the code may be expired, or you may have already claimed your items.

First, ensure the Astral Tale code is typed exactly as it’s listed above. Capitalization, spacing, and any symbols should match. Double-check if there’s a space before or after the code, which can happen if you copy and paste it. Spaces will return error messages.

Once you’re sure everything is correct, try to submit the code again. If it’s still rejected, it’s either expired, or you already claimed it. Don’t forget to check your Shop cart if you claimed a code and your items are missing.

How to Get More Astral Tale Codes

Besides bookmarking this list to stay updated on the latest Astral Tale codes, there are a few other places you can check. Look through the most recent news posts from X-Legend, since that’s where I found these codes originally. You can also join the official Discord channel or follow the Facebook account, as well.

Those are all of the Astral Tale codes for now, but there will surely be plenty more as the game grows and adds events and other elements. Stay tuned for more updates right here.

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