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All Disease and How to Cure Them in Survival: Fountain of Youth

Stay healthy and survive by avoiding and treating disease!

Staying alive and strong in Survival: Fountain of Youth is much more challenging than just starting a fire and crafting items. You’ll have to protect yourself against all types of diseases while in the wilderness. Thankfully, there are ways to cure yourself. We have everything you need to know right here.

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How to Cure All Diseases in Survival: Fountain of Youth

You can catch diseases from the weather conditions, animals, or eating the wrong food or water in Survival: Fountain of Youth. If you gain a disease, it’ll pop up on the top left side of the screen.

To view the details of the disease, press C to bring up your Statuses menu. Then, hover over the disease to see what it is and how it will affect you. Certain diseases, if not cured right away, can progressively get worse to the point where they will start to drain your health. These are the types of diseases you can get it:

  • Sunburn: Caused by being in the sun for too long.
  • Flu – Caused by exposure to cold or rainy weather or in water for too long.
  • Wounds – Caused by crafting injuries, falling from heights, or animal attacks.
  • Fever – Caused by exposure to poor weather conditions for too long.
  • Food Poisoning – Caused by eating raw food or dirty water.
  • Malaria – Caused by specific insects and animals.
  • Overheating – Caused by being in the sun for too long.
  • Poisoning – Caused by specific animals or edibles.

If left unattended, the diseases can progressively get worse and become life-threatening. To prevent that from happening, you’ll want to make some medicine. You can make several types of medicine to help with these various diseases.

Most medicines can be crafted on any Campfire. However, some more advanced medicines will require better crafting stations like the Chemistry Table. First, you must ignite the fire and switch to the Crafting tab. Here, you’ll have options for cooking food and preparing medicines. However, you’ll also need the proper ingredients to make the medicines.

How to Make All Medicines

Here’s a look at all the medicines, what they do for you, and how to make them:

Bandage with RedgumWide Leaf
Eucalyptus Leaves
Restores 13 Health in 2 Hours
Coral PowderPurple Coral
Boiled Dorado Fin
Restores 36 Health in 4 Hours
Medical KitFish Bone Needle
Animal Tendons
Restores 65 Health in 4 Hours
Steamed Leaf BandageWide Leaf
Narrow Leaves
Treats all kinds of Wounds
Processed Scorpion VenomScorpion Carcass
Wide Leaf
Treats all kinds of Poisoning
Hibiscus PetalsHibiscus Flowers
Wide Leaf
Treats all kinds of Flu
Tobacco CompressTobacco Leaves
Wide Leaf
Treats all kinds of Burns
Treated Formic AcidHandful of Termites
Wide Leaf
Treats all kinds of Overheating
Chamomile JuiceChamomile Flowers
Wide Leaf
Treats all kinds of Indigestion/Food Poisoning
Clay and Egg OintmentClay Strip
Bird of Paradise Flower
Treats all kinds of Wounds and Burns
Bark ConcoctionTree Bark
Clean Water
Sea Salt
Treats all kinds of Malaria
Bat OintmentBat
Wide Leaf
Fights wind and wind chill
Crushed SageSage Flowers
Wide Leaf
Treats Fever
Chamomile and Sage BrothChamomile Flowers
Sage Flowers
Hibiscus Flowers
Cures Fever
Powder from Snakes and SpidersDried Snake Tails
Spider Carcass
Sea Salt
Treats all kinds of Poisoning and Indigestion
Gives temporary protection against pests
Sweating PotionCannonball Fruit
Treats all kinds of Flu and Overheating
Aloe and Bark OintmentBark Concoction
Aloe Leaf
Treats Malaria
Gives temporary protection against pests
Algae OintmentAlgae Ointment RecipeScares away pests
Healing OintmentPepperFights cold and frost chill
Resin OintmentResinTreats all kinds of Indigestion, Burns, Wounds, and Flu
PinolePinole RecipeGain temporary increased weight carrying limit
Diligence PotionDiligence Potion RecipeTemporarily reduces time for processes
AntisepticUnlock Medicine Skill EffectTreats all types of disease
Buffalo PotionUnlock Alchemistry – Rank IHeals all diseases and restore max health
Snake PotionUnlock Alchemistry – Rank IITemporarily disables food, water, and energy consumption
Puma PotionUnlock Alchemistry – Rank IIITemporarily gives unlimited stamina
Bird PotionUnlock Alchemistry – Rank IVTemporarily gives unlimited concentration mode

Most medicines will treat your disease from one to stages of progression. If the disease has progressed to a very severe case, you may need more than one dose of medicine to cure it. Along with treating the disease, medicine will also prevent disease progression for a few hours and heal you up to five points of health or more over time.

Other Ways to Prevent Disease

Besides using medicine, there are a few other methods you can use to treat diseases as well. Sleeping and eating foods. Each time you sleep, you can restore some health and help prevent disease progression, as long as you have decent sleeping arrangements. Sleeping on the ground won’t help you as much as sleeping in a comfortable bed with a roof over your head. Along with sleeping, eating food restores health, and specific foods like broth can treat some diseases.

Besides sleeping and eating, you’ll also want to wear some protective gear. Wearing clothes on your head, chest, legs, and feet protects against the elements, and depending on what materials they are made out of, can also protect against animal attacks.

Stay well rested and fed, and wear proper gear to protect against any diseases you can catch on the island.

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