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All Links for Type Soul – Trello Discord and More

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Type Soul is a popular RPG Roblox experience inspired by the anime Bleach, where you play as one of the three main races. With an interesting and complex combat system, you will fight your way through many quests and grind for new items that will help you become stronger and better than other players.

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However, getting into this game can be quite confusing for newcomers, so you may be looking for every resource possible to help you out on your Type Soul journey. That’s why I compiled this list of Type Soul links to all useful sites that can help you out!

Complete Links List for Type Soul

Here are all the links you’ll need when playing Type Soul.

  • Type Soul Trello — The Trello board is really a one-stop shop for most things you’ll need to play Type Soul. I say most things because the board admins have clearly stated that they don’t have all the info up there at this point but are doing their best to update it and help every player out there find valuable info. Trello brings you info on Skill Trees, Important locations, Weapons, Items, Cosmetics, Bosses, etc.
  • Type Soul Discord link — The Discord server for this game is a great place to chat with other players and keep up with the latest updates for the game, as well as possible downtime and/or errors. You explore the game’s lore and chat with members to help you out with the game’s mechanics.
  • Type Soul Roblox Group link — Join the group on Roblox to find out what the developers have been up to.

Those are currently available official links for the game. If more of them pop up we will update our article, so make sure you bookmark it.

What Is Type Soul?

Type Soul is a unique RPG game on the Roblox platform that was inspired by the anime Bleach. You get to play one of the three popular races, develop your character in different worlds, and fight NPCs as well as other players to become stronger. You need to grind quests for essences and weapons that will help you power up. The game can seem overwhelming at first because there are plenty of things to pick up and learn. However, once you get a hang of the gameplay, you’ll see that it’s pretty fun!

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