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All New Features in MLB The Show 24

Here are all the new features in MLB The Show 24, including new storylines, modes, legends, etc.

MLB the Show 24 is now officially live with a whole slew of new features. I compiled a list of the seven most significant updates to the game in my guide to all new features in MLB The Show 24, including new modes, stadiums, players, cards, drafts, and other awesome additions.

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MLB The Show 24: All New Features List

MLB The Show 24 Continues the Storylines Feature

The most important feature of Storylines Seasons is the addition of 10 new players from the partnership between MLB The Show 24 and the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum (NLBM). This time, you’ll get to play with such legends as Hank Aaron, Josh Gibson, Buck Leonard, and others. The entire feature is narrated by the legendary voice of Bob Kendrick. In this mode, you’ll be able to follow the stories of these historical figures in professional baseball, including the first-ever female member of the league, Toni Stone.

Improved Diamond Dynasty Mode

Diamond Dynasty is a popular mode in the game that allows players to unlock legendary cards for their super team. In MLB the Show 24, the new and improved Diamond Dynasty includes Core Cards with over 1,200 Live Series players from all 30 MLB clubs. But my favorite new update is the Seasonal Diamond Dynasty feature, which releases exclusive new cards within each 12-week season. This makes the entire mode feel so fresh, with rotating cards at the start of each season.

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Extended Legends List

Now, the Legends List in MLB the Show 24 is the largest one in the history of the franchise. It involves over 190 iconic baseball players from different eras. But with the introduction of the Seasonal Diamond Dynasty feature, I’d totally expect to see even more players added in the process. This makes the entire seasonal run so much more exciting. This way, you never know whom the system chooses as the next legendary player on the roster.

Redesigned Version of Forbes Field

Forbes Field was an iconic stadium, the home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Pittsburgh Steelers. In the new game, the developer has faithfully redesigned it to recreate a nostalgic and historically accurate setting for gameplay. Players who are well-versed in the history of pro baseball will be thrilled to set foot on the virtual Forbes Field as you’ve never seen it before. In my research, I found that the redesign specifically concerned the right field. On top of that, a new stadium called Greenlee Field, which is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will also be introduced in MLB the Show 24.

Revamped MLB Draft Experience

If you’ve never fully enjoyed the MLB Draft Experience, then take a look at a newly revamped system. It includes the MLB Draft Combine feature. This mode allows beginner players to demonstrate their skills to real MLB scouts, which is an essential part of the Road to the Show (RTTS) mode. What I like the most about this addition is the inclusion of dynamic cutscenes tailored to the player’s unique journeys. However, this is just one small part of the huge new additions coming to the MLB Draft Experience in the future, such as the new MLB Postseason format and CBA updates.

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Female Protagonist in Road to the Show Mode

Another highly significant addition that I need to mention is the new Road to the Show: Women Pave Their Way mode. For the first time in history’s franchise, I can draft female protagonists. I can also follow their stories through friendships and relationships within pro baseball. One of these names I’ve already mentioned above is Toni Stone. If you’ve ever wondered how a woman can make it in pro baseball, then choose a female player in the Career Mode and experience her story from the early beginnings to her rise to fame.

Extended Commentary and Presentation Updates

Last but not least is a whole slew of presentation updates in MLB the Show 24. They include updated broadcast themes, realistic 3D environments, as well as detailed uniforms and equipment. The new broadcast themes include specific commentaries, MLB Network segments, broadcast packages, broadcast theme styles with new graphics, and scoreboard displays that appear during games.

On top of that, the new realistic 3D environments include external views of MLB stadiums, the likes of which I’ve never seen before. Finally, if you found previous commentaries over the games a bit too repetitive, it’s time to forget that. The updated commentary offers a more diverse and dynamic play-by-play system. As I learned, it’s specifically designed to keep the commentary fresh and avoid repetition.

That’s it for my list of all new features in MLB The Show 24. Stay tuned for more MLBTS24 tips and tricks articles, including how to check server status.

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