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All Survival: Fountain of Youth PC Controls

Here's all the controls you need to know to get started!

Knowing the controls and keybinds in Survival: Fountain of Youth is an essential part of surviving. How can you hope to start a fire, hunt animals, or build without first knowing the right buttons to press? There are many actions to remember, so here’s a list of them for easy access.

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All Controls & Keybinds for Survival: Fountain of Youth

Survival: Fountain of Youth is very much a ‘figure it out yourself’ kind of experience. There are so many different actions available, from switching items and crouching to opening all the different menus. You may not even be aware of your full potential without a quick look at the controls first. Here’s a view of all of them so you can keep checking back as needed:

Character Controls

DMove Right
AMove Left
WMove Forward
SMove Backward
First Weapon/Tool1
Second Weapon/Tool2
Third Weapon/Tool3
Fourth Weapon/Tool4
Fifth Weapon/Tool5
Unequip Weapon/Tool0
Next AmmoMouse Wheel
Action 1E
Action 2F
Action 3G
Concentration ModeV

Journal Controls

Crafting MenuQ
Player State/StatusesC
Resting MenuT
Goal/Quest MenuJ
Map MenuM

These are all the important controls you’ll want to be aware of as you play. Keep checking back whenever you need a refresher. If you want to change any of them, go to the Settings — Key bindings menu. Click on the control you’d like to change and then press the new key to bind it to. If you accidentally mis-pressed and want to switch it back to what it was before, press R to reset it to default.

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