All Symbiote Suit Powers in Spider-Man 2

Let us show you all symbiote suit powers in Spider-Man 2 and what you can do with them.

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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is upon us and with it come exciting new symbiote suit abilities for Peter. Both narratively and mechanically, the symbiote suit will allow Peter Parker to let loose and show a fiercer side of him in combat across four unique abilities. Let us talk about all symbiote suit powers in Spider-Man 2.

All Symbiote Abilities in Spider-Man 2

Before we all jump into the game, here’s what we know so far. According to the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 gameplay reveal trailer, we saw only four unique symbiote abilities both for offense and defense. The gameplay will largely revolve around the symbiote suit and how Peter deals with his new aggressive side while fighting off Kraven, his hunters, and other foes. Here are all symbiote abilities in Spider-Man 2:

  • Peter can use the symbiote to form a massive single-line tendril attack with medium range to crash into enemies. You can push enemies into vehicles and walls to knock them out.
  • An excellent combo starter is also the ability to jump into the air, turn into a spiky tendril ball, and slam down onto a group of enemies. This knocks them up and allows for air combos.
  • One of the more powerful AoE abilities is to summon tendrils that grab enemies in a cone-shaped area in front of you, lift them up, and smash them into the ground dealing massive damage.
  • Another one is a defensive measure that forms an armor of tendrils around Peter to parry attacks and retaliate.

You can perform all of these symbiote suit powers by holding down L1 and then pressing the corresponding face button. For example, the single-line pushing attack is mapped to L1+Square and the cone-shaped one is L1+X. Note that these powerful abilities go on cooldown once you use them so you’ll have to activate them tactically in certain scenarios.

Upgrading Symbiote Suit Powers in Spider-Man 2

Since symbiote abilities are one of the main features of the game, there’s also a skill tree to upgrade them. In fact, Aaron Jason Espinoza, the Insomniac Games’ Senior community manager, shared that there will be three skill trees in total.

One for Peter’s symbiote abilities, one for Miles’ bioelectric ones, and a shared one for various Spider gadgets. In this way, you can upgrade your symbiote suit powers. That said, knowing the story around the black suit, players might not have access to it for the entire game. This means that Peter might also have an additional skill tree available in certain parts of the game.

We’re quite excited for all symbiote suit powers in Spider-Man 2 and we hope this was a useful article to get some information on them before the launch. Look for more Spider-Man 2 guides on GameSkinny after the game releases.

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