All The Details on the Stellaris 1.6.1 Update

The Adams Update just got a much needed hot fix from Paradox, and here's everything that you need to know about it.

The Adams Update just got a much needed hot fix from Paradox, and here's everything that you need to know about it.

The conflict doesn’t stop in Paradox Development Studio’s Stellaris, regardless of how rough the execution has been in the clunky sci-fi strategy title. And the recent 1.6 Update only managed to make matters worse.

A list of these problems ranged from enemy factions not engaging players with first-contact to the game abruptly crashing when rebels would take over a planet and defect to a different empire. In short, the whole thing was just a hot mess. Thankfully, the developers are fully aware of these issues and have already addressed the nonsense with a steadfast hotfix patch, which repairs the unforeseen problems that the update caused.

Players will be able to apply the update by clicking the game’s system menu and selecting Properties; then they’ll head over to the “Betas” option, where they’ll then be able to fully opt-in for the Adams Update hotfix.

Here’s a full list of the fixes that were made available by the Stellaris 1.6.1 update.

Stellaris 1.6.1 Update Fixes

  • Fixed AI never declaring war
  • Fixed egalitarian faction unhappiness wrongly being generated by having robot “slave” Pops
  • Fixed issue with AI empires switching ethics far too frequently
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to terraform planets you don’t own in contested space
  • Fixed wrongly stacking “was enslaved” happiness modifiers
  • Fixed graphical error with Ringworld skies
  • Fixed issue with War in Heaven where total occupation would not equal 100% warscore, leading to neverending war
  • Added back a couple of old diplomacy rooms and fixed black background on older ones
  • Fixed not being able to construct spaceports around Ringworld sections
  • Fixed wrong tooltip text on Armageddon bombardment stance
  • Hive Minds can now properly use Full bombardment stance
  • Fixed egalitarian faction issues appearing before you have any contact with alien empires and thus no ability to fulfil them
  • Devouring Swarms now properly get -1000 opinion penalty due to being, well, Devouring Swarms
  • Fixed a rare crash when planetary Pops are destroyed
  • Fixed crash when rebels take over a planet and defect to another empire
  • Fixed missing isolationist faction issue name
  • Fixed numerous missing loc strings in languages other than English and Russian
  • Can now properly rename civilian ships again
  • Fixed missing animation for Armageddon bombardment
  • Fixed event that was endlessly firing in the background, causing a performance hit
  • Fixed an issue where Xenophobe fallen empire opinion penalty for frontier outposts was calculated strangely, leading to incorrect war declarations
  • Fixed primitive enlightenment failing in the early game
  • Fixed AI nonsensically replacing buildings in a wasteful way, disregarding tile resources

Remember, this update will only kick in if you authorize it through the aforementioned steps above, and it’s a smart move considering that the automatic update backfired horribly despite its good intentions. Paradox has expressed their sincerest apologies for the situation, and to their credit, have been incredibly attentive to monitoring the performance of the update since its release. Here’s to hoping that the patch follows through as planned.

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