Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok — Best Warriors Tier List

Create the strongest team of warriors in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok using our tier list.

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You’ll need to recruit powerful warriors to thrive PvE and PvP in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok. As with any of these sorts of games, not all heroes are created equal. Our guide will provide you with a tier list of the best warriors in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok, including their best abilities.

Best Warriors Tier List in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok

Here’s a quick breakdown of our tier list of the best warriors in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok:

  • S-Tier Warriors:
    • Liu Bei
    • Taishi Ci
  • A-Tier Warriors:
    • Zuo Ci
    • Lu Bu
    • Ma Chao
  • B-Tier Warriors:
    • Guo Jia
    • Sun Shao
    • Kong Rong

S-Tier Warriors

Liu Bei

  • ATK: 481,664
  • Type: Alchemist

Liu Bei is a healer and a tank in one package, carrying a blocking shield and having tons of HP. His best ability is World Protector, which heals all of his allies in the first row and grants them the Tacit Mind buff. This ability turns all your allies into passive healers whenever any one of them hits an enemy with a critical strike. If you simply need to heal a single ally, then I’d suggest applying his Overcome With Virtue ability.

Taishi Ci

  • ATK: 480,844
  • Type: Vanguard

Taishi Ci is the best DPS warrior in the game, with powerful Burn and Ignite status effects. He wields a longbow and is able to deal a Precision Shot. This attack deals physical damage to all enemies in the front row and has a 50% chance to inflict Burn. This status effect lingers to deal damage over time. My favorite thing about this effect is that it completely obliterates enemy defenses.

A-Tier Warriors

Zuo Ci

  • ATK: 527,291
  • Type: Strategist

Zuo Ci is a master at dealing with the back row in an enemy formation, with his crowd control skills coming in handy. His Way of Heaven AoE attack is a prime example of what makes him so good, as it deals 130% magic damage to all back row mobs with a 40% chance to stun them all.

Lu Bu

  • ATK: 128,516
  • Type: Vanguard

Lu Bu is very similar in design to Zuo Ci and could be a great alternative, but his power is much lower than that of Zuo Ci. However, Zuo Ci has the Lifesteal ability, which not only deals damage to all enemies in the back row but also drains them for 15% HP.

Ma Chao

  • ATK: 128,516
  • Type: Vanguard

Ma Chao is a pure DPS warrior with a neat damage-stacking combo ability called Sunset Fading. If you want to squeeze every single point of damage out of Ma Chao, then I’d suggest activating his Skybreaker attack and then triggering an additional basic attack for extra physical damage (up to 500%).

B-Tier Warriors

Guo Jia

  • ATK: 130,413
  • Type: Alchemist

There’s a new mechanic in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok called Rage Seal. When the Rage meter is maxed out, an enemy’s basically paralyzed and can’t take any action. Guo Jia’s God’s Guidance ability is one of the few in the game that inflicts this status effect on the back row enemies. But I believe that Zuo Ci’s Stun attack is still more effective.

Sun Shao

  • ATK: 68,046
  • Type: Alchemist

Sun Shao is a healer and a debuffer, but he has very weak attack power. Still, if you can’t roll for Liu Bei, this would be your best alternative. Use his Army Management skill to heal your allies and his Alliance Relation ability to remove any debuffs from them.

Kong Rong

  • ATK: 68,046
  • Type: Alchemist

Kong Rong is a decent supporter who grants an energy shield protection called Courtesy to his allies instead of healing them. But he does have a strong healing ability Might of Hen, although its effect is completely random and can be utterly dissatisfying.

That’s it for our tier list of the best warriors in Among Heroes: Fantasy Samkok. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks articles right here.

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