Animal Crossing New Horizons Gulliver and Rusted Parts Guide

If you're wondering what to do with New Horizons' rusted parts, we've got the answers.

If you're wondering what to do with New Horizons' rusted parts, we've got the answers.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘ rusted part is a mysterious item that shows up under certain circumstances in the Resident Services recycling bin. But what is the Rusted Part in New Horizons, and what do you do with it?

We’re here to answer that.

How to Get Rusted Parts in New Horizons

You’ll only ever come across Rusted Parts after you’ve helped Gulliver out. Gulliver washes up on your beach from time to time. It’s completely random, though, so there’s no telling when he might show up on the shore.

Once you talk to him enough to wake him up, he asks for your help fixing that most modern of problems: a busted phone.

Talk to Gulliver to get the rusted part in ACNH.

Search around the beach for little holes in the sand, where Gulliver’s communicator parts are buried; there will be a slight breeze blowing above them as a visual clue.

Once you’ve dug up all five and give them back to Gulliver, he’ll be on his way. The next day, check out the recycling bin, where you’ll find one Rusted Part.

Some reports are going around that you can hold onto the Communicator Parts instead of giving them to Gulliver, and they’ll turn into Rusted Parts the next day. We haven’t tried this yet, because we actually helped Gulliver out the one time he’s washed up so far. We’ll update once we can confirm this, though.

Either way, make sure to keep the Rusted Parts you find, because they come in handy for at least one DIY project.

What to do With Rusted Part in New Horizons

So far, we know of one thing you can use the Rusted Parts for in New Horizons. According to Reddit user KitsuneNosa, you need 30 Rusted Parts for the Robot Hero DIY project later in the game. The project costs 5,000 Nook Miles, and it’s the same as the Robot Hero from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp.

That’s the only project we know of so far that requires Rusted Parts. Given how many DIY projects use different quantities and combinations of the same materials, though, they might be used in others as well. Again, we’ll update once we know for sure.

If you aren’t interested in the Robot Hero but don’t want to get rid of the Rusted Parts in case they’re useful for something else, just chuck them in storage in your house. There’s plenty of space, plus it can help you reach Nook Miles milestones for extra Miles.

That’s it for Rusted Parts in New Horizons, but be sure to check out our growing collection of Animal Crossing: New Horizons guides, including:

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