Anno 2205: General Tips and Tricks for Common Problems

Use this guide for common bug fixes in Anno 2205.

Use this guide for common bug fixes in Anno 2205.

Anno 2205 is the latest in an extremely successful string of PC exclusive city-builders developed by Ubisoft. 

After much anticipation, Anno 2205 has been released, but not without a few annoying bugs along the way. Use this guide to remedy most of the common bugs players have been running into.

Common Bug Fixes

Although critically acclaimed, the Anno series is notorious for being riddled with bugs upon launching. These are some of the most popularly asked about issues and how to fix them.

Day/Night Cycle Button Location and How it Operates

First and foremost, your Day and Night Cycle buttons can be found by activating your minimap and clicking on the camera button on the bottom right. This will bring up an extra set of buttons. 

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The lowest, orange button is to start the cycle. The fast forward button is to skip ahead to the next phase. 

Phases are as follows:

  1. Noon
  2. Sunset
  3. Midnight
  4. Sunrise

Players can also use the F11 key for faster rotations.

Collecting Fuel and Where to Find it

During military missions, players will continuously collect fuel until he/she is capped out.

To see your fuel bar, it’s simply the zigzag bar located in the bottom center of the screen. 

Missing Buildings, Vehicles, and Aircrafts

Some players have been complaining that they’re scrolling along and all of a sudden, certain structures have disappeared – such as warehouses or airships.

If your Command Ship is missing you can try:

  • Pressing the Tab key twice to jump to your ship.
  • Restarting your game in search of a patch or update.
  • Restarting your computer. 

If your structures are missing you can try:

  • Switching between maps.
  • Relaunching the game.
No Senor in Cape Ambar

In the sector project in Cape Ambar, players must use a drone to find four Scattered Remains. Usually, your map will point you in the right direction by using red flashing lights.

However, this bug turns the lights off leaving players with no way to finish the quest. To fix this, unfortunately, players will have to restart the entire corporation.

Where to Find Diamonds

In order to advance to certain regions, such as the Arctic Region, players will need to collect diamonds. 

In order to collect them, you’ll need to open the mine in whatever region you’re in, as they’re all located inside mines.

Unlocking region mines may require certain advances. In the Temperate Region, for example, the mine will be unlocked when you advance to investors.

Are We Missing Anything?

If you have a question or concern about Anno 2205 that isn’t listed above, let us know and we’ll add it to the list. 

In the meantime, you can catch any of our other Anno 2205 articles here. 

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