Anthem Guide: How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

Want more chances to get Masterwork and Legendary gear in Anthem? Check this guide that explains Legendary Contracts, and how to unlock them.

There are a lot of ways to get loot and increase your chance for Masterwork and Legendary gear in Anthem. One of these ways is by completing Legendary Contracts. We knew these would be in the game, but there weren’t a lot of details on how you get them, or the frequency you can complete them.

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This guide will give a full explanation on Legendary Contracts and how to unlock them.

Contracts and Legendary Contracts in Anthem

Contracts are side missions, or expeditions, that you can complete for loot and reputation for each of the game’s three factions. Think of these as shorter missions and you eventually can repeat them as many times as you want. A Freelancer’s work is never done.

Legendary Contracts are the much harder big brothers and sisters of normal contracts. These have you dealing with much tougher enemies and situations for a higher chance of great loot. These are not for low geared players, you will have a tough time if you don’t go in prepared. You ever died six times within 10 seconds? I’ve seen it happen to players that thought it wouldn’t be too difficult.

You can get one per day per faction, so a max of three Legendary Contracts each day. There is no guarantee you will get any Masterwork or Legendary items, I didn’t on my first one, but you are more likely to than normal contracts. I actually got at least one Masterwork item for the two Legendary Contracts I did after the first one.

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Legendary Contracts show as purple versions of the normal contract icon on the map. You can also check these in your journal after you’ve picked them up. Once you open up the journal, there will be a “Legendary Contracts” section under “Agent Contracts”.

How to Unlock Legendary Contracts

Now that you know the irresistible benefits from completing one of these, you’re probably asking how to actually get them. If not, I’m going to tell you anyway:

  • Complete the main story, or Critical missions as the game calls it
  • Complete a faction’s two quest lines
  • Complete a repeatable Contract

The first one is pretty straightforward, but let me explain the last two.

Each Faction has two quest lines you can complete. Every mission and Contract you get during this time is part of that faction’s story. You can check your progress by going opening the menu then go to Challenges < Expeditions < Agent.

Anthem faction missions

Once you complete them, you will unlock repeatable Contracts. These are just random contracts, even though the name never changes, that you can complete as many times as you want.

There will be times when you cannot progress the story of a Faction. When this happens,. make sure you talk to everyone at Fort Tarsis that has the chat bubble icon on the map. Conversation will lead to missions, even if it seems they have nothing to do with any of the factions.

You will also sometimes just need to leave Fort Tarsis and come back for to continue. Go on a mission, join Freeplay, complete a different contract, or do a Stronghold, then come back.

Once you complete your first repeatable Contract, a Legendary Contract will appear. After completing that, it will reappear once per day. You also need to complete this for each Faction if you want all three.

Let’s say you complete the Arcanist missions and unlock Legendary Contracts. You will only get them for the Arcanist faction. Once you do the same for Freelancer and Sentinel, you can get those as well.

That’s all you need to unlock Legendary Contracts in Anthem and start your hunt for the best loot in the game. Leave a comment if you have any further questions or need more clarification, and feel free to take a look at our other Anthem guides.

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