ArcheAge Great Mid-Level Pelt Farming Location Guide – Marianople

A brief guide for a prime Pelt farming location for Leatherwork.

A brief guide for a prime Pelt farming location for Leatherwork.
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Going through the game, there is a severe lack of good Pelt farming locations at the lower levels. I’ve finally discovered the first decent location in the Nuia to farm for Leatherwork.

To the Southeast of White Arden, there is a large spawn of Starving Wolves. Around 1 in every 5 Wolves drops pelts. Of course, it’s all random chance, but you’ll get decent experience as well as Pelts with a bit of patience. The image below shows the location of the Starving Wolves, the larger map on the right is an expanded view of the white circle on the left. The red circle on the right map marks the spawn location.

The area of Marianople in Nuia.

It takes three pelts to make a single leather, and only grants 3 proficiency per leather. If you plan to do Leatherwork as a profession you’ll spend a long time in this location killing wolves. The wolves are level 24 and cluster close together. If you can’t handle three at once,I’d recommend leveling up first.

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