ArcheAge Skill Set Guide – Songcraft

A complete guide to what Songcraft has to offer your class build.
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With the way the ArcheAge class system works, players will need to know what each skill set brings to the table. In my first series of ArcheAge guides I’ll cover each skill set and what they offer.

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Songcraft is a supplemental skill set. It provides AoE buffs and heals for allies, at the cost of other functionality. Many of the skills in Songcraft require that you don’t cast other skills or they end prematurely. Songcraft works best on your healer builds. Songcraft also works on your mage or midrange builds for utility in between your rotations. At best this is a situational skill set, for when your group needs that added boost of utility.

The Skills:

Here I’ll list all the skills of and what they do. I’ll split the lists up between active skills and passive skills to make the list easier to read.

Active Skills:

These are your attacks, heals, or defensive abilities depending on the skill set.

  • Critical Discord: Plays a sharp harmony that deals Magic Damage to an enemy and increases caster’s Magic Critical Rate by 2% for 3 seconds. When this skill levels up, it increases damage and cast time.
  • Startling Strain: Stuns an enemy for 2 seconds with a special performance. After Stun ends, the enemy is Charmed and susceptible to other Songcraft effects. Reduces caster’s cast time by 20% for 5 seconds. Does not stop a performance skill.
  • [Perform] Quickstep: Plays a lighthearted song for 15 seconds. Increases Move Speed by 12-18% for allies within a 15 meter radius. Effect increases the longer you play. Can only stack with other Perform Skills and shares a cooldown with them.
  • Dissonant: Plays clashing sounds to reduce an enemy’s skill damage and Attack Speed by 15%. Deals Magic Damage to the enemy after 6 seconds.
  • Healing Hymn: Play a healing song that instantly restores health to an ally. The healed ally can heal another 2 allies within 10 meters. The song can continue to be transferred up to 3 times.
  • Hummingbird Ditty: Reduces Cat Time by 6%. Buffs caster or an ally for 30 minutes.
  • [Perform] Ode to Recovery: Plays a healing song for 15 seconds. Restores health and mana every second to allies within 15 meters. Effect increases the longer you play. Can only stack with other Perform skills and shares a cooldown with them.
  • Rhythmic Renewal: Summons a healing spring that restores health to caster and all nearby allies every second for 60 seconds.
  • [Perform] Bulwark Ballad: Plays a song of the earth. Increases Physical/Magical Defense of all allies within 15 meters. Lasts 15 seconds. Effect increases the longer you play. Can only stack with other Perform skills and shares a cooldown with them.
  • [Perform] Bloody Chanty: Plays a lively song for 15 seconds. Increases Attack by 16-24% and Attack Speed by 20% of a target and allies within 15 meters. Effect increases the longer you play. Can only stack with other Perform skills.
  • Alarm Call: Lifts Stun and Sleep debuffs and grants immunity to allies within a 15 meter range every second for 15 seconds. Canceled by using another skill.
Passive Skills:

Passive skills require a certain amount of skill points used within the set to allow point allocation into them. Passive skills buff the skill set once you unlock them, allowing for easier combat. In addition to the skill’s effect, I’ll list how many spent points are needed before you can allocate points to the passive skill.

  • Syncopation: Decreases the cast delay and the chance of interruption when hit by 50%. (Requires 2 points spent in Songcraft.)
  • Hold The Note: Increases the performance time of Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bloody Chanty and Bulwark Ballad by 10 seconds. (Requires 3 points spent in Songcraft.)
  • Uptempo: Decreases Cast Time for Songcraft skills by 32%. (Requires 5 points spent in Songcraft.)
  • Loudspeaker: Increase the range of Quickstep, Ode to Recovery, Bloody Chanty, and Bulwark Ballad to 25 meters. (Requires 6 points spent in Songcraft.)
  • Zeal: Successful Magic Critical hits increase Magic Critical Rate by 32% for 6 seconds and inflicts 2 to 4 times more Magic Critical Damage. Zeal, if triggered more quickly than it’s set intervals, is disabled for the next 25 seconds. (Requires 7 points spent in Songcraft.)

I hope this gives a clear view of what the Songcraft skill set offers your build. For more guides on ArcheAge check my content directory.

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