ArcheAge Unchained: How to Get Your First Scarecrow Farm & House

Follow the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline to get started with farming, housing, and trading.

Follow the Blue Salt Brotherhood questline to get started with farming, housing, and trading.
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Owning land, whether for housing or farming, is one of the biggest favors you can do yourself as an ArcheAge player. In ArcheAge Unchained, the benefits are just the same.

I can’t speak for the current state of ArcheAge Legacy, as my time with the free-to-play version ended five years ago; but in Unleashed, getting your first housing blueprint and what you need for your first Farm Cart Design can be done by following the Blue Salt Brotherhood quest that starts at 30 and chains into additional quests as you level.

Blue Salt Brotherhood quests essentially follow your story quests from one province to the next. Doing them both together is the easiest way to stay on top of the benefits of the Blue Salt quests, as well as getting the mountains of XP from your story quests.

I assume this questline always starts in Sun’s End in Halcyona for the west, as it’s done for two of my characters and a friend. Though I may be wrong and you can start it elsewhere also. The equivalent on east may be in Ysyntere, but I cannot confirm.

In any case, the Blue Salt Brotherhood quests get you started on your path to owning land and running specialty packs.

I can’t remember the exact order, and as stated I don’t know how it goes on east, but you can rely on the extended Blue Salt Brotherhood questline:

  • At 30, you will be given your 8×8 Scarecrow Farm.
  • At 35, you should receive the quest to get your first Donkey.
  • At 40, the quests will train your Alchemy up to 10,000.
  • At 45, the quests will grant you a free Farm Cart Design.
  • Somewhere between these two levels, the quests grant you a 16×16 house blueprint.
  • At 50, the quests will grant you a 16×16 Scarecrow Farm.

This sort of streamlined introduction to the game’s farming, crafting, and economics systems is very welcome compared to how it used to be structured, and gets you ready for what you’ll need to do to start making gold.

Most of your land structures will come from Gilda Coin and Diligence Coin purchases on the Marketplace, but the game gives you enough to get started on the right foot and determine your route to riches.

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