Beating a boss in Loop Hero unlocks a powerful selection of traits, but how do these traits work? Here's what you need to know about boss rewards.

Are Loop Hero Boss Rewards Permanent?

Beating a boss in Loop Hero unlocks a powerful selection of traits, but how do these traits work? Here's what you need to know about boss rewards.
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Like any good roguelike, Loop Hero has a lot of secrets to uncover and tricky tasks at hand. One powerful boon players can access is obtained from defeating the bosses of each of Loop Hero‘s four acts. But are those Loop Hero boss rewards permanent? 

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When you take down a boss in Loop Hero, you are given a few options for rewards.

You can pick a cache of resources, many of them valuable. Since boss battles occur on the same square as your campfire, you’ll have the option to retreat to camp immediately after the boss fight and keep all your resources in doing so. These resources can then be spent on camp improvements, crafting and the like, and will remain in your camp inventory until used.

Your other option when taking down a boss is to pick a trait reward. You are given three traits to choose from without much explanation. So, are those traits permanent bonuses? Or something else?

After building the Gymnasium in your camp, you’ll see a new yellow bar just underneath your health meter. This bar fills up a bit every time you kill a monster and, when it reaches the top, you can pick a trait that will boost your hero for the rest of the run.

This is where those boss traits come into play. If you pick one after defeating a boss, it will be added to the pool of traits that might appear as selections.

Since you only get the option to choose from three traits each time you fill your experience meter, that means you won’t always see the traits you want to see. That’s the nature of a roguelike.

That also means you’ll want to think carefully about whether a boss trait option is one you’d want to see on a later run. If all three trait options you see after defeating a boss are traits you never see yourself selecting on a run, you’re probably better off taking the resources.

You’ll get three new options each time you take down a boss, and different options are available depending on which boss you defeat. Just a few boss traits you can find include:

  • Awakened Fragment: 2% chance to get a whole resource sphere instead of a chunk.
  • Omicron’s Technique: +1 resurrection charge
  • Treasure Hunter: 5% chance for chest to spawn on top of killed enemy.

A full list of traits can be found over on the game’s Wiki

After boss traits are unlocked, they have a chance to appear in any future runs. So yes, they are permanent, but you don’t automatically begin each run with them. That would make things a little too easy, and Loop Hero isn’t about to make things simple for you. That’s part of its magic.

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