Are There Secret Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? Answered

Are There Secret Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? Let's find out

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There’s always been rumors surrounding Mario games, either secret areas or secret characters. In this case, we have the answer to the question of whether there are secret characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder?

Are There Secret Characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? Answered

Super Mario Bros. Wonder has the most playable characters in any 2D Mario game. Of course, we have your standard Mario, Luigi, and two Toads (Yellow and Blue). Peach and Toadette also make a return as playable characters. Daisy makes her first appearance as a playable character in a mainline game. 

There are also four different colored Yoshis to play as: Green Yoshi, Red Yoshi, Yellow Yoshi, and Light Blue Yoshi. Nabbit makes a return as well. The Yoshis and Nabbit won’t take any damage however, they can’t use power-ups and can still fall down pits. 

In previous 2D Mario games, depending on the character they would control a bit differently. For instance, Luigi could jump higher and was a bit faster, but he was also slippery when trying to stop. Famously, Peach used to be able to float down slowly using her dress.

However, all characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder control the same. This means you that don’t have to worry about your favorite character being hard to control. The downside is that if you liked how a character used to control, they’ve now been standardized with everyone else.

So with such a large roster of characters to play as, are there any secret characters to unlock in Super Mario Bros. Wonder. I’d hate to break the news to you but there are no secret characters in the game. I feel your pain Rosalina fans. However, it’s hard to be upset with so many characters to play as. 

If you were wondering, are there secret characters in Super Mario Bros. Wonder? The sad answer is no, there’s not. For more on Super Mario Bros. Wonder, check out our dedicated guides hub

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